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Nothing beats a good book. But you’re more than likely strapped for time, and let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than spending fifteen hours reading a book to learn to only get one or two takeaways.

Or worse, getting halfway through a book to realize it isn’t for you.

I’m a trained English teacher and noticed that my highest performing students would read the CliffsNotes on a book, then read the entire book for clarification and deeper meaning.

So now, you can:

✔️ Get the key takeaways from books in a matter of minutes

✔️ Save time and read only the books you want to read

✔️ Read a range of views on a single topic in a fraction of the time

✔️ Spend less time reading and more time taking action

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“Sometimes there’s just too much information out there… I Don’t know where to start”

“New books are released every week, and my to-read list is growing faster than I can keep up.”

“Why should I spend over ten hours reading a book and only get one or two takeaways?”

“I hate getting halfway into a book and realizing it isn’t for me.”

“I want to spend less time reading and more time taking action.”

The Book Summary Club offers nonfiction book summaries along with lists and reviews of the best resources to help you fast-track your learning.


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⏱️ Short Summaries: We regularly update the blog with short summaries of the best nonfiction books on the market

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⏱️ Lists and Reviews: Lists that’ll give you your next reading suggestion, and reviews on leading reading and productivity apps

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