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I don’t know about you, but reading in bed is sometimes an uphill battle for me. I figured out the light situation by buying a book light and I saved my neck and back with a reading pillow but now that it’s getting cold, holding the book outside of the blanket is just torturous. You might say that I can use something else to cover my arms but it gets annoying and I cannot read under the covers. But before I gave up on reading in bed altogether, I did some research into book holders and that’s when I discovered pillow book holders! These are great whether you’re reading in bed or anywhere else but in this article, we specifically look at the 10 best pillow book holders for reading in bed in 2020.

Why should you use a book holder for reading in bed in the first place?

Cold hands! I just said it! But that’s just me. There is a multitude of reasons why you should use a book holder. These include: 

  • Aching arms – whether its arthritis, old age or simply fatigue, holding a book for long periods of time can get painful, especially if it’s a large and heavy book.
  • You can read longer! Most of the time when we get uncomfortable reading a book we just decide to go to sleep instead of struggling any longer.
  • For people who are bedridden – Some patients or the elderly have little to no use of there hands and these pillows can be of great use for them to place their eReaders on
  • You won’t get hit in the face when you fall asleep! You can’t deny it. Every person who reads in bed has to have dropped their book or eReader directly onto their face at some point! 

Considering the above points, it’s all about comfort. Reading in bed is meant to be a good end to a day, not a struggle and definitely not one that leaves you aching in the morning. 

That being said, let’s take a look at the 10 best pillow book holders for reading in bed. 

Hog Wild Peeramid Book Holder$24.99Amazon Reviews
The Book Seat Book Pillow$39.90Amazon Reviews
Book Couch$24.99Amazon Reviews
Peyan Tablet Cushion$12.95Amazon Reviews
MokoTablet bed Pillow Holder$24.99Amazon Reviews
Renegade Concepts Lap Pro$24.99Amazon Reviews
iBeanie $24.99Amazon Reviews
Book Buddha$29.99Amazon Reviews
Cuddly Reader$24.99Amazon Reviews
BookMonster$14 – $35Amazon Reviews

10 Best Pillow Book Holders for Reading in Bed

As you can see from the table above, there’s not much variation in prices when it comes to pillow book holders. So, what makes them different from each other? Let’s take a closer look.

Peeramid Bookrest - Book Holder Stand for Hands...
533 people on Amazon loves this❣️
Peeramid Bookrest – Book Holder Stand for Hands…
  • Peeramid uniquely shaped pillow bookrest props a book, tablet, Kindle or iPad at the perfect angle for comfortable hands free reading!
  • Read anywhere! The Peeramid book holder stand lets you read books and e-readers in bed, at a table, desk, in your favorite chair, on the couch, on the floor and more! Can also be used for cook books!
  • Simply placing the book or e-reader into the Peeramid’s ledge allows hands to be free to take notes, eat snacks, drink coffee and truly relax. Also has a built-in bookmark!
  • Designed for readers of all ages! The Peeramid pillow stand is perfect for kids who read on the floor, teens who read in their rooms, college students who read in their dorms, and adults who read in bed or curled up on a chair or sofa.
  • Makes a great gift and is available in a variety of colors and patterns. Polyester Microfiber fabric resists staining. Measures approximately 13 x 13 x 6 inches.
  • Hogwi 62004 (Author)

A firm favourite, this pillow book holder looks a bit like a wizard’s hat with a tassel. That being said, it sure is magical! This uniquely shaped pillow provides the perfect ergonomic angle for reading in bed. It’s tassel also serves as a bookmark for your print books. Aesthetically speaking. they come in a variety of fabrics meaning there’s something for everyone!

The Book Seat - Cinnabar Red - The Most...
731 people on Amazon loves this❣️
The Book Seat – Cinnabar Red – The Most…
  • READefining comfort. Say goodbye to awkward reading positions with the ultimate book holder stand, The Book Seat!
  • Unique shelf with adjustable page holder holds & supports books upright with pages open
  • Versatile & adaptable, The Book Seat adjusts to multiple angles & positions like a beanbag.
  • Read comfortably using it on your lap, sofa arm, desk & in bed.
  • One size fits all! Holds a variety of different sized books, both paperback & hardcovers, even heavy text books.
  • Also works with most tablet devices.

The most expensive pillow book holder on our list, the Book Seat Book Pillow doubles as a travel pillow. The Book Seat will mould itself and shape to sit at any angle on any surface that you place it due to it being filled with Polystyrene beads. The Book Seat is designed for standard books but can be used for larger books and magazines. It also contains a handy storage pocket for your bedtime snacks.

Book Couch iPad Stand | Tablet Stand | Book...
363 people on Amazon loves this❣️
Book Couch iPad Stand | Tablet Stand | Book…
  • 📚 Perfect for everyday use – the original book couch stand is ideal for people of all ages. With this unique gift you’ll be devouring books in no time while enhancing your enjoyment and comfort for reading in bed. It’s also great for ipad, tablets, ebook readers and even doubles as a travel pillow.
  • 📚 Designed for comfort – made with luxurious high quality materials and specially designed to promote good posture and prevent neck and backaches. This plush book holder makes a thoughtful gift for friends, family and loved ones whether its for birthdays or special occasions.
  • 📚 Securely holds books of all sizes – whether you are reading a paperback, hardcover, magazine or a textbook, this book couch will firmly hold your pages in place and your tablet secure so you can read for longer in complete comfort.
  • 📚 Easy to wash and clean – fully machine washable at low temperatures, you can easily clean your book couch, no matter how dirty it gets. Made with soft crystal velboa material, it holds its shape perfectly.
  • 📚 Perfect for reading in bed, or on the couch with one’s own bookcouch!

The Book Couch is suitable for books and devices of all sizes. It is similar to the Book Seat as it can also be used as a travel pillow. It was designed to provide the optimal reading angle to avoid neck and back pain. Even greater, it is machine washable! The manufacturers claim that it still holds its shape after being machine washed due to the materials it’s made with.


Peyan Tablet Cushion

Top Features:

  • 3 Different reading angles
  • Storage pockets
  • Removable cover

The Peyan Tablet cushion offers an extra feature for your reading pleasure – it’s adjustable! With three different settings which are optimal for your lap, sitting up or lying down; this pillow book holder is great for any avid reader. It is suitable for any sized book or eReader and has a pocket for your convenience. The cover can be easily removed from the memory foam inner to be washed.


Moko Tablet Bed Pillow Holder

Top Features:

  • 2 Different reading angles
  • Storage pockets

The Moko Tablet Bed Pillow Holder is for people who prefer the use of eReaders. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it for books at all. You could still put a book on it, but it does not have the usual holders to keep the pages in place so it’s more of a book “rest” in that sense. The holder has two different angles that it can be adjusted to. It has different sized pockets which makes it easy for you to keep all your tablet accessories together. 

Lap PRO - Stand/Tray, Universal Beanbag Lap Stand/...
1,847 people on Amazon loves this❣️
Lap PRO – Stand/Tray, Universal Beanbag Lap Stand/…
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY – [Fits iPad PRO] with all Tablets, E-Readers, Laptops, Books, Magazines, Paperbacks. Fits virtually all cases and covers.
  • SOFT, LIGHT & PLUSHY – 13 oz., No hard/sharp/moving parts, Hand made (one piece construction), Can be used as a travel pillow
  • CARRY ON – Doubles as a Carrying Tote with 2x pocket (fits slimmer cases). Perfect for the pool side/beach, travel, work, studies, game play & the infirmed or those suffering from arm or hand issues
  • ADJUSTABILITY – Angles from 0-89 deg. Works at odd latteral angles. Works with wide, crossed legs or one leg (with good stability) & fully reclined positions. Created by a reviewer of iPhone/iPad accessories
  • ATV – Works on most uneven surfaces using the devices own wieght for incomparable stability, just place the device in the handle (see main pic), all HANDS FREE! Use as a table top stand with little foot print. (Just place on top of small objects) MicroFiber fabric is soft & cleans screens too! *NOT A TOY* Designed in the US -Design & Utility, Patented-

This holder is described as being universal and can hold any sized device or book. The Lap Pro is quite light and extremely soft which makes it an ideal travel pillow in a pinch as well. It doubles as a carrying tote having 2 pockets for you to fit slim items in. It has some adjustability in order to provide the optimal viewing angle whilst reclining or lying down. The holder also has something called contouring capability which makes it easy to use on uneven surfaces.

iBeani iPad & Tablet Stand/Bean Bag Cushion Holder...
608 people on Amazon loves this❣️
iBeani iPad & Tablet Stand/Bean Bag Cushion Holder…
  • The world’s most comfortable tablet stand – Mac Sources
  • Gift of The Year award winning tablet bean bag cushion – Premium quality, stylish, handmade in the UK
  • Ultra lightweight tablet holder – any tablet or book, any surface, any viewing angle – On your lap, in bed, in the kitchen…
  • Handy pocket for phone, charger, earphones, glasses, etc.
  • As featured in Vogue, Daily Mail, Sunday Express, Woman & Home, Macworld + many others.

The iBeanie iPad pillow is suitable to use with any eReader, tablet or book. It is lightweight and portable and can be used on any surface. This pillow book holder also has one pocket on the side that can fit your phone or any other small items/accessories. It can be adjusted to some extent for your comfort. The iBeanie iPad Pillow is quite popular due to it being lightweight and colourful designs.

For the more quirky book readers among us, the Book Buddha holds your book or eReader easily leaving your hands free from strain. It is quite secure and will hold books and devices of all sizes. Unfortunately, it cannot be adjusted for reading at different angles and the base is quite hard. This pillow book holder is more popular due to the design as opposed to its functionality but if you need some zen in your life, go ahead.

Cuddly Reader Children iPad Stand | Tablet Stand |...
519 people on Amazon loves this❣️
Cuddly Reader Children iPad Stand | Tablet Stand |…
  • Versatile Stand: This product can be used as a book holder, tablet stand, or iPad stand, making reading or viewing easy and comfortable. It’s a perfect addition to your home setup and a handy iPad accessory.
  • Child-Friendly Design: Designed with children in mind, this stand features a safe and sturdy construction. It’s ideal for holding kids tablets, iPads, books and Kindles, and can also serve as a lap tray for drawing or writing. Machine washable.
  • Adventure Book Companion: Whether it’s a thrilling adventure book or a care bear story, this holder will keep the pages open for a hands-free reading experience. It’s a must-have book accessory for all young book lovers.
  • Portable & Lightweight Design: Easy for kids to carry around the house or while traveling. This product is the ideal book reader, a must-have among learning companion, and perfect for use with any tablet, ipad, kindle, e-readers and books.
  • Storage Space Included: Perfect for keeping small accessories like headphones or stationery. This product comes in a variety of styles, including unicorn, making it a perfect desk toy or page holder for any book lover.

The last two pillow book holders in our list are dedicated to the kids. They also need a bit of encouragement to read in bed sometimes and these pillow holders might be just what’s needed. 

The Cuddly Reader is suitable for all books and devices and has actually been Toy Safety Approved for use by kids. And since it’s for kids, it is easily machine washable to help clean up any messes. The pillow book holder can be used as a pillow if your kids want a quick nap and it comes in 9 different designs which include cute animals and scary monsters. Whilst reading through the reviews you can see that it’s quite popular amongst adults who liked the cute designs or bought them as gifts for others. 

Thinking Gifts Monster Book and Tablet Reading...
84 people on Amazon loves this❣️
Thinking Gifts Monster Book and Tablet Reading…
  • A Fun and Functional Way to Encourage Reading – young kids and teens will enjoy making Book Monster part of a regular reading routine
  • Cute and Clever Design – with no sharp edges, Book Monster is easy to clean, soft and huggable
  • Can Also Be Used as a Pillow or Room Decor – when not in use, Book Monster is a fun addition to any room
  • Read Better with Less Strain – features a reading angle that helps improve posture while reading
  • Hands-Free Reading – can be placed on a counter, desk or on a lap, using big teeth to hold the pages
  • Comfortable Solution for Reading on the Go – Book Monster is easy to take in the car or plane
  • Not Just for Books – the versatile and durable design works with almost all tablets, iPad, Kindle, Fire, paperback or hardcover Books and Magazines
  • Pick Your Favorite Color – available in Green or Purple

Similar to the Cuddly Reader, the Thinking Gifts Monster Book Holder is a large, soft book and tablet holder for kids. Whether they’re reading from a paperback, textbook, or tablet, young readers love this soft monster who holds their pages in place with its soft furry teeth. The BookMonster is great for bedtime reading, to improve posture, and encourage reading.

In conclusion, these pillow book holders are great for reading in bed. Some can be adjusted providing ergonomic advantages and some are just plain nifty with their design and handy pockets. Whether you are trying to encourage your kids to read more or if it’s just you that needs the extra comfort, these pillow book holders provide an excellent solution.

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