Are the Halo Books Good?

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If this is your first time coming across one of the most popular video game franchises known as Halo Universe and you’re wondering if it’s worth your time and money, then this is the best place to be.

In this post, we’ll be answering the very important question on the lips of most readers which is, are the Halo books good? The answer is yes!

The Halo book series is also known as a broad collection of novels, comics, and visual books that digs deeper into the lore of the galaxy of the video game.

They are super good. From the fascinating action-filled series to complex character development, the Halo book series is worth your time and money. So, keep reading to find out more about this!

Are the Halo Books Worth a Read?

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Yes, the Halo books are worth a read. It has an affluent and elaborate lore that cuts across various media which includes games, fiction, pictorial books, etc. 

The Halo series offers a deep exploration and quest of the universe and its disposition, developing upon the circumstance and lore presented by the games.

Also, it gives more precise information on the personal struggles and inspiration of the characters involved which can make your understanding of the Halo story better. 

Going forward, some of the Halo novels were written by popular Science fiction and mystery authors who in the past have obtained several credits for their literary works. 

Also, note that all Halo novels are not the same and do not follow the same storytelling themes but In all, they are worth a read and are also capable of leaving you on the edge of your seat.

All the Halo Lore Books and the Order to Read Them

Are you a big fan of the Halo Lore books and contemplating on how to read the series in order, check out our list of all the Halo Lore books in order below:

  •  “Cryptum” by Greg Bear  
  • “Glasslands”       
  • “The Thursday War”  
  • “Primordium”      
  • Silentium”
  • Broken Circle
  • “Mortal Dictata”    
  • “New Blood”  
  • Hunters in the Dark
  • “Last Night”     
  • “Saint’s Testimony”    
  • “Shadow of Intent”  
  • “Fractures”            
  • “Smoke and Shadow”  
  • “Envoy”          
  • “Retribution”              
  • “Legacy of Onyx”      
  • “Bad Blood”               
  • “Silent Storm”             
  • “Battle Born”               
  • “Renegades”                  
  • “Oblivion”                      
  • “Meridian Divide”          
  • “Shadows of Reach”        
  • “Point of Light”                 
  • “Divide Wind”                   

What Age Are Halo Books Appropriate for?

The Halo book series is intended for mostly young adults and adults between the ages of 14 and upwards. This is so because it contains so many mature compositions, violence, mature language, and other themes that are not suitable for the underaged. 

If you’re a Halo fan, make sure you research before allowing your children to access the Halo series books. In addition, read up reviews and also check out the book’s warnings to know the recommended age.

Which Halo Books Are a Must Read?

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So many books are in the Halo series, but we believe a few recommendations are a must-read. Also, remember that this is subjective, as our suggestion might differ from that of someone else:

  • The Fall of Reach 

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  • The Greg Bear published Cryptumetz

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  • Eric Nylund writes First Strike

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Do the Halo Books Cover all the Games?

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The Halo books were not written to cover all the video games even though it offers additional background and requirements; the books do not cover everything about the game. 

Furthermore, the book series contains some novels, virtual books, and other things that develop in the story. Moreover, the Halo book series does not cover the events of the most recent game.

Wrapping Up

Finally, the Halo books are an incredible addition to the Halo video games. It offers rich character developments to readers and gives an in-depth understanding of the Halo universe. 

If you’re a fan of military science fiction books, the Halo novel series should be your go-to. We also took our time to do thorough research, and we’ve listed out the books to read them. Cheers to a beautiful time!

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