Best Audiobook Service: 8 Of The Best And Which To Choose

BookSummaryClub Blog Best Audiobook Service: 8 Of The Best And Which To Choose

Do you want to fit more books into your daily routine? Try picking up an audiobook.

It’s a new craze, which is convenient and portable. You can take it on vacation or a shopping spree or listen to it while you’re doing the housework.

You can sign up for any audiobook subscription services that grants unlimited access to media consumption, including audiobooks.

For people who prefer to have books read to them, then audiobook services are the perfect solution.

Here, we’ve selected the TOP EIGHT best audiobook service websites and apps on the market. Save yourself a trip to the bookstore and build your own library from the comfort of your favorite armchair.

Please note that this post contains Amazon affiliate links. We normally review products that are popular and are talked about a lot. This means that there are people who like them and dislike them. We go through the product in an unbiased way and list both the good and the bad.

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Here is a list of some of the best audiobook websites, apps and subscription service that money can buy (including some FREE options).

1. Amazon Audible: Best Service For Premium Audiobooks

At over 200,000 titles, Audible is dominating the audiobook industry at the moment. No other audiobook subscription services can beat it for premium audio books.

As one of the best audiobook services websites, Audible offers many inclusive titles and new releases, from mysterious and classic titles to books from major publishers. There is a book for everyone in the Audible library.

The platform offers so many options for its users. You can buy, stream, rent, and listen to offline books.

If you download Audible for iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon devices, you can also enjoy your favorite audiobook on-the-go.

Considering it is an Amazon platform, the subscription service plans are well-coordinated and easy to understand. For customers in the US, there are two options. The first plan gives you one credit monthly, enough for one book no matter the price, and with the second you get two credits per month It will be cheaper to go for Audible’s 2 credit plan when divided per credit.

You don’t have to be a member to buy audiobooks either. But if you pay the membership fee, you’ll receive 30 percent off any purchase.

The books are available to listen to whenever you need it, and the service integrates with your personal Amazon account. When you browse for books, your discount appears on-side.

If you are new to audiobook services, we recommend the 30-day free trial to get your first audiobook for FREE. You can also exchange books if you don’t want to keep the title in your bookshelf. The Audible books are yours to keep forever once purchased.


  • Unparalleled library of audiobooks
  • Access to Audible originals
  • Spend unused credits next month
  • Discounted audiobooks (30% discount for members)
  • Easy to use


  • Impossible to buy more credits

Check out our Audible review here. Also, see how Kindle Unlimited by Amazon works for audiobook subscriptions.


2. Audiobooks.Com: Best Audiobook App

When it comes to the top audiobook apps, we must mention It could easily be one of, if not your favorite audiobook services around with the extensive library of romance books, New York Times bestsellers, classics, and more. offers more than popular audiobooks—the website also lets you listen to podcasts and access one extra book every month.

There are over 150,000 audiobook titles under different categories, including popular content, titles, authors, and more.

If you haven’t used before, we recommend you take advantage of the 30-day free trial. Once the free trial ends, you will have to pay $14.95 per month, which gets you a credit. You can use the credit to buy one book and get one VIP book for free.

The “VIP selection” is an interesting option, too. The VIP offers change monthly, and you’ll always have something new to explore. This is an only feature.

The app is the best of the lot, with amazing features (similar to Audible). It includes a sleep timer, playback speed, bookmarks, and more. You will also see book recommendations based on the last titles you saw.


  • Wide selection of titles
  • Free app for all Android and iOS devices
  • Membership cancellation available at any time
  • One extra audiobook each month with VIP Rewards
  • Access to over 700,000 podcasts
  • Easy to use


  • No books available for purchase from the app

Check our our in depth review for here.


3. Libro.Fm: Best Value For Money is popular. It is the first audiobook service company that allows you to buy audiobooks through the bookstores near you.

A selection of over 120,000 audiobooks allows you to listen to your favorite book on any device at your convenience. If you are not a frequent listener, you can still choose to buy the books whenever you want.

If you want to add reading to your daily routine, the monthly audiobooks subscription service costs $14.99 for one credit. Before you pay for the monthly plan, take advantage of the FREE TRIAL—the first 30 days are complimentary.

For more convenient use, download the app. It features bookmarks with notes, narration speeds, and a sleep timer.


  • Free trial
  • Extensive library of audiobooks at your disposal
  • Credits never expire
  • User-friendly app


  • No extra credits for a purchase
  • Complicated synchronization feature (two users can’t be logged in at the same time)


4. Kobo Audiobooks: Cheapest Audiobook Service

If you are a novice in the audiobook world, Kobo is an excellent place to start. It’s perfect for active and occasional listeners and is the cheapest audiobook subscription service.

When compared to Audible and, it may not have the most extensive list of topics, but it still has a fantastic range of audiobooks. If you want to listen to some of the most popular books, Kobo has you covered.

Another thing we like about Kobo is that it has affordable subscription plans. At $9.99 per month, you can sign up for the audiobook subscription service, get one credit, and order your first audiobook.

You can also buy Kobo Audiobooks individually and select your favorite book for the best price, thanks to the Price Match Guarantee.

Extra credits are available at a discounted price.

Kobo has also updated its app, which can be downloaded on iOS or Android devices. You can make audiobook purchases and listen to your favorite books on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

The app also features a timer, various narration speeds, and customizable background colors.


  • Cheapest audiobook membership
  • 30-day free trial
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Extra credits available for purchase


  • No new titles via the app
  • Streaming listening unavailable


5. Google Audiobooks: Best Subscription-Free Audiobook Service

Is there something Google doesn’t have under its umbrella nowadays? Google Audiobooks is one of its latest creations of Google.

It is a subscription-free service and audio heaven for all booklovers. The service became so popular that critics are debating whether it might soon throw Audible off the throne.

Like Audible, Google Audiobooks lets you listen to your favorite audiobooks on any device (Android or iOS). There are only a few voice controls available, but we expect to see more as the service develops.

One of the aspects that set this app apart from other services is the FAMILY SHARING feature. For example, with Audible, you can share an audiobook with only one person—with Google, you can share it with FIVE other people.

If your family is your book club, you can all enjoy the books that Google Audiobooks has on offer.


  • Thousands of titles available
  • No monthly subscription
  • Buy audiobooks individually
  • Share audiobooks with family members at no extra cost


  • Less extensive book selection than Audible
  • Limited voice controls

Check out our detailed comparison between Audible and Google Audiobooks here.


6. Downpour: Best Service For Digital Rentals

For only $12.99 per month, Downpour’s audiobook local library will be at your service for digital rentals.

One of the first aspects you’ll notice about Downpour is that the platform has a passion for reshaping books into audio alternatives.

The primary difference between Downpour and other audiobook services on our list is that it also offers other digital rentals. The rental period is 30 to 60 days.

Once you rent a book, you aren’t able to buy it at a discounted price. You do have a “Daily Steal” option for $5 to compensate, though.

We also love that Downpour allows you to buy more credits whenever you like.

At over 70,000 titles, Downpour’s library isn’t the largest one out there, but there are still plenty of popular audiobooks to keep you busy for a while. You can browse through the site and easily mark all the books you want to download.


  • Cheap
  • Large library
  • Cancel your membership at any time
  • Buy extra credits
  • DRM free (you can use the audio for any purpose)


  • No free trial on offer on the website
  • Customer service isn’t available 24/7
  • Some books cost more than one credit


7. LibriVox: Best Free Audiobooks Service

In contrast to other audiobook services and apps on our list, LibriVox is COMPLETELY FREE.

Although you won’t find any major publishers or the latest bestsellers here, there is a brilliant selection of audiobooks that will hold your attention for a time to come.

There are over 500 titles on LibriVox, including classics, poems, fairy tales, fables, and much more. You can search the local library by author and title to quickly find the books you want to add to your audio list.

Each book has a summary, and you can also listen to sample readings.

While audiobooks on Audible and are read by famous authors or celebrities, the audio on LibriVox are read by random people (usually volunteers). If you want, you can sign up to support the community and take part in one of the sample readings, for example.

Like any good audiobook service, LibriVox also has a mobile app. You can download the app on your iOS or Android device to access your books in a few clicks.


  • Large library
  • Great selection of free audiobooks
  • Free audiobook app


  • Only public domain audiobooks
  • The quality of the recordings varies
  • The recordings aren’t professionally produced


8. Hoopla: Free Audiobook Service

Hoopla grants you access to your own online book library for every benefit you could imagine at your fingertips.

The website service gives you free access not only to audiobooks but to movies, eBooks, TV shows, and comics, as well.

All you need to do is provide the number on the back of your library card. In return, you are awarded quick access to all digital offerings.

For an even simpler process, you can download Hoopla’s app (available for Android, iOS, and Amazon devices).

The app lets you download audiobooks and eBooks directly to your phone or tablet. Keep in mind that all files are on loan from the public library, so you’ll have to return it so that someone else can use it next.

There are hundreds of thousands of popular titles available, and more are being added every day.

You can find a large selection of classics, such as The Hunger Games, The Lion, Good Omens, and more. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Hoopla is an easy-to-use app with many aspects that make it unique. If you have trouble making it out to the library, Hoopla is a fantastic alternative. Give it a try.


  • Completely FREE audiobook service (as long as you have a library card)
  • Download books for offline listening
  • Different types of content (over 500,000 titles)
  • Free audiobook app


  • You can’t purchase books (it’s on loan from the library)
  • You can only borrow a certain number of books
  • The recordings aren’t professionally produced


In Summary

In today’s digital arena, audiobooks are finding their way into the hearts of many book fans. Why not? It is educational, immersive, entertaining, and perfect for people of all ages.

In times when we can hardly grasp reading long enough to fit it into our busy schedules, audiobooks opens doors. It lets us read anytime, anywhere—a perfect fit for today’s hectic pace.

Audiobooks change the way we read, listen, and learn. You can listen to your favorite book while exercising in the gym, jogging in the park, traveling, or commuting to work.

There are endless reasons why audiobooks should be at everyone’s fingertips today. Those are the 8 best audiobook services around, so pick the one that’s right for you.

We hope our review guides you to the best audiobook service for you and your book needs.

Enjoy the reading.

Hey, I’m Erik… a Swedish university student, marketing professional, and life-long learner. Here at BookSummaryClub I summarize my favorite non-fiction books into easily digested posts. Hope you like what you’re reading!

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