Blinkist vs Headway: Which is right for you?

BookSummaryClub Blog Blinkist vs Headway: Which is right for you?
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Blinkist and Headway are apps that summarize books for readers who don’t have time to sit and read an entire book completely.

However, choosing between the two can be difficult because of how similar they are. If you’re trying to choose between both apps and you don’t have time to test both, continue reading.

In this article, you will be able to identify the differences between Blinkist and Headway and be able to choose the better one for yourself according to your needs.

Let’s dive in.

TL:DR – Here is why I personally would choose Blinkist
all day err day

I have been working with and reading book summaries for 5+ years. Blinkist is the one and only choice of book summary apps because…

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💪 Highest quality summaries (they pay big $$$ to writers!)
⭐️ Best UI and features

Don’t trust me? Well… I also made a gazzilion word long blinkist review covering every single aspect you would want to consider before you choose 😂 enjoy!

PS… the blinkist review is actually 7088 words long if you wondered what a gazillion meant in this context

Blinkist Overview

Blinkist app

Blinkist was created in 2012 to help curious readers, busy people, and people who are not big fans of reading to understand books.

  • 100,892 reviews on the Apple store, and 73,101 on the Google play store.
  • 95% of Blinkist users read better than before.
  • You can read and listen anytime.
  • You can find what to need next by getting your book list curated by professionals. You can also get personalized recommendations.
  • You can get key insights on podcasts by using shortcast.

Blinkist is a very popular book summary app where avid readers get 15-minute book summaries — especially for non-fiction titles.

Blinkist is accessible on a mobile phone (Android or iOS), PC, tablet, and Amazon Kindle. All that you need to do to use the platform is to download it on any of the listed devices.

Once you install the application, you can start browsing the selections of titles to pick books you want to read. Blinkist has a refined feature that makes its users find books easily. You can also add your selected books to your library.

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Pros of Blinkist

  • Over 5,500 books and titles available.
  • You can save up to 50% for an annual subscription.
  • There is one free book summary available for you every day.
  • Blinkist adds 500 new books yearly, which means you will always have something to read.

Cons of Blinkist

  • The humor, suspense, and storytelling that are in the full book are missing in Blinkist’s summaries.
  • Most summaries are too short for the kind of book they are representing.
  • There is no survey for individual books.

Headway Overview

Blinkist vs Headway, Headway app

Headway was launched in 2019, and is quickly ramping up in popularity amongst avid readers and people who are just getting into the habit of reading.

  • High customer ratings.
  • 10 million+ users have installed the Headway app.
  • 35+ countries have the Headway app pre-installed on devices in the Apple store.
  • Headway is featured by Apple and Google as the app of the day in Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, and Australia.
  • It is also top ten in the Top Free Education in the Apple store and the Google play store, across its core marketers.

Just like Blinkist, Headway gives readers summaries of nonfiction titles, so that you can know more about the book in as little as 15 minutes.

To access book summaries on Headway, you need to download the app on your mobile phone, tablet, PC, or Amazon kindle device. On Headway, you can also browse the selection of titles and books, and add them to your library.

Pros of Headway

  • Audio lessons from experts/professionals.
  • It tracks reading progress.
  • Users receive daily updates.

Cons of Headway

  • You have to have your payments upfront before proceeding.
  • Subscription and auto-renewal are done without confirmation.
  • Headway doesn’t offer as many book titles as Blinkist.
Subscription CostOffers both Free and Premium PlansOffers both Free and Premium Plans
Book Selection5,000+ non-fiction booksCurated selection of non-fiction and fiction books
Book SummariesShort 15-minute summariesBite-sized 5-minute summaries
Content TypesSummaries, audio versions, podcastsSummaries, audio versions,
and immersive courses
Offline AccessPremium membersPremium members
can download summaries
AccessibilityWeb, iOS, AndroidWeb, iOS, Android
User InterfaceUser-friendly and intuitiveModern and user-friendly
PricingPremium plans from $7.99/monthPremium plans from $9.99/month
Free Trial7-day free trial7-day free trial
Highlights– Vast library of non-fiction books
– User-friendly interface
– Option to listen to audio versions of summaries
– Diverse book selection
– Extremely short summaries
– Offers immersive courses
– Active community
Downsides– Limited fiction book selection
– Premium plans can be expensive
– No immersive courses
– Limited fiction book selection
– Short summaries may not cover all aspects of a book

Blinkist pricing vs Headway pricing

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Here’s how Blinkist’s pricing compares with Headway’s pricing:

  • The Headway subscription fee costs $14.99/month, while the Blinkist subscription fee costs $15.99/month.
  • The Blinkist app is free for download or installation. But you need to pay for the premium subscription to gain full access to the app. However, if you want to continue using a free account, you will only be able to read one summary per day. This book is usually a random daily pick, so you won’t have control over which book they give you.
  • Headway, on the other hand, allows users to have a free trial period so that they can understand what it’s like to use the app, but this comes with limited access, and terms and conditions. After this trial, you’ll need to subscribe for a premium membership to get full access and control just like Blinkist. The subscription can be paid either monthly or yearly.

Final thoughts

When you dissect the pros and cons of each app, you will notice that using the Blinkist app gives you more advantages than the Headway app. Some reasons why users prefer Blinkist to Hadway are:

  • Blinkist updates its summary list, which makes it difficult for users to stop reading, or find nothing to read.
  • On Blinkist, there are a lot of prominent non-fiction titles to read, and you will never get tired of reading.
  • Blinkist pricing is favorable to users compared to Headway’s price.
  • Blinkist’s user interface is straightforward and easy to use.

Headway also has its pros, but when compared to Blinkist, you’ll find that Blinkist offers more bang for your buck than Headway.

Using the right book summary app

At the end of this article, you should be able to identify your reading needs and choose the best reading app for you. Both apps were created in a unique way, and they have their way of satisfying their specific users. When you choose an app solely dependent on the features, not your desired needs, you won’t use it to its full potential.


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