Instaread vs Blinkist: What’s The Best Choice?

BookSummaryClub Blog Instaread vs Blinkist: What’s The Best Choice?

Looking for an efficient way to read more books but lacking time for traditional reading? Using a service like Instaread or Blinkist could be just what you need. Both provide quick summaries and allow readers to dive into the world of books without dedicating hours upon hours of their day. 

Let’s compare them and determine which is suitable for your busy lifestyle.

Instaread Overview

Instaread is an online platform that provides readers with book summaries and analyses to help them benefit from the books they read. Created by tech-savvy entrepreneurs, Instaread makes it easier for busy professionals, students, and readers of all ages to get the most out of the books they read.

With Instaread, anyone can get key insights from books without spending days reading them. A professional writes every summary and contains only the most crucial information. Instaread also provides detailed analyses that delve into the deeper layers of each book, so readers can better understand its content.

Users can access summaries and analyses from many books, including the latest bestsellers from well-known authors to classic literature. Instaread also offers book recommendations and customizations for users who want specific summaries or analyses.

Instaread helps readers save time by giving them the main points and ideas from books quickly and easily.

How does it Work?

Instaread has a simple and easy-to-use interface. To get started, you must sign up with your email address or social media account.

Once signed in, you can search for summaries or analyses of the books you want to read from the platform’s extensive library. You can also customize your searches to get more specific results.

When you find a book summary or analysis you want, you can purchase the content and start reading it immediately from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Instaread also offers convenient audio versions of summaries and analyses to make it easier for users to listen while on the go.

You can also access exclusive offers from authors and publishers and exciting stories and updates on Instaread’s blog. The platform also discounts books, book reviews, and other unique content.

Blinkist Overview

Blinkist is an innovative app that offers quick, easy-to-digest summaries of the world’s best nonfiction books. The app takes complex material and distils it into a 15-20 minute read or listen so you can experience the key takeaways in no time. You can read our full Blinkist review here.

With over 3000 titles, Blinkist offers an extensive selection of books across various topics and genres. The app also includes audio versions of each book summary so you can listen while commuting or multitasking.

Plus, the innovative “Blink” feature allows users to save their favorite parts of the text with custom highlights that they can refer back to later. And with a premium subscription, users can access exclusive content and gain access to additional features such as unlimited bookmarks and audio speed control.

Blinkist is an ideal resource for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest ideas but needs more time or desire to read entire books. In addition to discovering new titles and authors, you can also learn more about different topics and authors. With Blinkist, you can explore ideas in an efficient yet enjoyable way.

Subscribe to Blinkist to receive high-quality summaries of the world’s best nonfiction books and expand your knowledge. You’ll save time and energy by reading or listening in 15-20 minute bursts, and you’ll be able to digest information quickly without sacrificing the quality of your learning experience.

Take advantage of Blinkist’s intuitive app and discover books that will help you grow as a person today!

How Does It Work?

Blinkist is easy to use and requires no prior knowledge or experience. Simply register for an account and browse the collection of book summaries. Pick an intriguing subject, choose a catchy title, and spend 15 to 20 minutes reading the summary.

All summaries are written by experienced authors specializing in breaking down complex material into simple and concise concepts. You can also listen to the audio versions of each summary if that’s easier for you.

With the innovative “Blink” feature, you can save a summary that resonates with you so you can refer to it later. And with a premium subscription, you can access additional features and exclusive content.

It’s that simple! Using Blinkist, you can read or listen to the critical ideas of any book in a matter of minutes. Start exploring today and expand your knowledge with ease!

A comparison of Blinkist Vs. Instaread

AppBlinkist Instaread      
Content-TypeNon-Fiction Fiction
Nature of SummariesText and Audio   Read and Listen  
CostCheaperMore expensive
| Depth of Content  ComprehensiveOverview  

Blinkist is the leading provider of summaries for nonfiction books. Unlike Instaread, Blinkist offers a range of features to make reading more accessible and enjoyable. With over 3,000 titles in their library, they offer something for everyone. Additionally, they allow users to listen to audio versions of their summaries with text-to-speech technology.

Blinkist and a personalized reading experience with the Blinkist Premium plan. With the premium plan, readers can tailor their reading list best to fit their interests, lifestyle, and goals. The app offers daily “smart picks” based on what users have been reading and allows them to save summaries they’ve liked and want to return to later.

For readers who are interested in more than just summaries, Blinkist also offers “Blinkist Insights,” where experts provide insights into some of the most significant ideas from popular nonfiction books. This allows users to dig deeper and explore these topics further.

Blinkist surpasses Instaread by offering various features that make reading convenient and pleasurable. With its extensive library, personalized reading experience, and expert insights, Blinkist is the best choice for readers looking to get more out of their reading experience.

Final Say

In conclusion, Blinkist is the clear winner regarding features compared to Instaread. It is cheaper, but you can customize your reading experience more with packages that suit your interests and budgets. The mobile applications for both platforms are intuitive and allow for summaries of non-book materials. 

That said, regardless of which platform you choose, accessing the book summary quickly saves significant time compared to simply reading the entire book! 

With this knowledge, you can now decide what platform is best for you and get on with your path toward knowledge acquisition.

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