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Books like “Lost in Space” enable readers to get to the far reaches of the unknown with their captivating and thrilling themes. 

If you’ve ever been fascinated by the mysteries of outer space and the notion of supernatural life, books like Lost in Space are capable of igniting your fiction fantasy and satisfying your yearning for adventure.

From mind-blowing sci-fi thrillers to grasping masterpieces, books like “Lost in Space” can take you on a deep search through the galaxy where you can experience alien civilizations and confront the challenges of space explorations. So, get ready, and let’s dig through mysteries through books like “Lost In Space.”

Is There a Book Series For Lost In Space?

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Have you been asking if there is a book series for Lost in Space? The answer is yes. The book is a series based on the well-known science fiction television show “Lost in Space.”

The original TV show series aired from 1965 to 1968 and since then brought about several book series, which are but not limited to:

“Lost in Space” by Kelvin Emerson is known to be the modern adaptation of the “Lost in Space” television show that follows the Robinson family as they journey through a new realm after being abandoned in space for some time.

Lost In Space: Season 1 (2018)

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The series is as follows:

  • Lost in Space: Voyage to the Bottom of the Soul 
  • Lost in Space: The Bridge to the Stars

“Lost in Space: Return to Yesterday” is a novel from the “Lost in Space” original tv series of  1998. This novel explores the life of Robinson’s noble Family as they travel through space which leads to some risky conditions on their way to a distant planet.

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Is Netflix Lost In Space Based on a Book? 

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The Netflix “Lost In Space” series is not directly based on a book but drew inspiration from the original TV show and its characters.

It’s a reimagining of the sci-fi TV show of the same name in the 1960s on various television stations. 

Irwin Allen created the original TV show, which aired between 1965 to 1968, and the series is about the story of the Robinson family as they try to keep up and find their way home from space. 

Even though Netflix “Lost in Space” drew inspiration from the television show, it also added unique and engaging storylines and characters. Furthermore, It updated the visuals to deliver the needs of contemporary audiences.

List of “Lost in Space Books to Read

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If you’ve been longing to read “Lost in Space” books, here is a complete list to follow:

  “Lost in Space: The Odyssey of John and Penny Robinson” by Joan D. Vince 

 “Lost in Space: Return to Yesterday” by Kevin Emerson 

 “Lost in Space: The Continuing Adventures” by Mark Cotta Vaz 

  “Lost in Space: The Art of Juan Ortiz” by Juan Ortiz 

  “Lost in Space: Countdown to Danger” by Richard Dinnick 

“Lost in Space: The Authorized Biography of a Classic Sci-Fi Series” by Marc Cushman 

“Lost in Space: The Unofficial Guide to the Classic TV Series” by Robert E. Wood and Patrick Jankiewicz 

 “Lost in Space: The Ultimate Unauthorized Trivia Challenge” by Michael R. Bass 

“Lost in Space: 25th Anniversary Tribute Book” by Scott Tracy Griffin 

 “Lost in Space: The Classic Episodes, Volume One” by Kevin Burns and Jon Abbott.

What Books Are Like The I Survived Series?

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If you enjoyed the “I Survived” series written by Lauren Tarshis, chances are you desire other books that are similar to it.

Also, “I Survived” is a popular collection of historical fiction children’s novels that follow the stories of some young protagonists who survived major disasters and historical events. Take a look at books like “I Survived” series  below:

  • “Ranger in Time” series
  • “The Disaster Strikes” series 
  • “Survivors”
  • “Hatchet” by Gary Paulsen
  • “I Am David” written Anne Holm 
  • “Peak” by Roland Smith 

The book series above offers thrilling and engaging stories like “I Survived.”

Final Thought

In conclusion, if you want to read books like Lost in Space, we have some mind-blowing recommendations above. All the books feature compelling stories set in space or futuristic worlds. Check them out and have a fun read!

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