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Are you craving for more wild west captivating gameplay, or do you want to have more of the exciting time you had on Red Dead Redemption 2? Guess what? You’re at the right place! 

In this article, we’ll be looking at books like Red Dead Redemption 2. These books, similar to  Red Dead Redemption 2, are power packed, actions loaded, adventure, experience, and stout-hearted facts about what life in the Old West looked like.

So, get set as we dig through the natural border of books like Red Dead Redemption 2 that will leave you at the edge of your seat.

What Should I Read If I Like Red Dead Redemption 2?

Did you enjoy the captivating world-building and storytelling lines of Red Dead Redemption 2? Take a look at 4 out of the numerous books that are similar to this video game:

#1.   Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry (1985)

Lonesome Dove
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Lonesome Dove
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Larry McMurtry (Author) – Lee Horsley (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 04/25/2022 (Publication Date) – Phoenix Books, Inc. (Publisher)

The “Lonesome Dove” is a Novel that you should go for when you want to have a similar experience like Red Dead Redemption 2. It was published by Larry McMurtry in 1985. 

This book tells the story of some cowboys who went on a cattle drive journey from Rio Grande to Montana in the late 19th century. The novel discusses the themes of goodwill, allegiance to life and principles, and morals.

#2 Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy (1985)

Blood Meridian: Or the Evening Redness in the West
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Blood Meridian: Or the Evening Redness in the West
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Cormac McCarthy (Author) – Richard Poe (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 05/16/2007 (Publication Date) – Recorded Books (Publisher)

Blood Meridian is one of the most terrific books in America during the 20th century. Similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, Blood Meridian explores the story of a group of outlaws as they journey through harsh and intolerant terrain. 

#3.  True Grit (1968)

True Grit
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True Grit
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Charles Portis (Author) – Donna Tartt (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 06/07/2006 (Publication Date) – Recorded Books (Publisher)

‘True Grit” is a classic novel that explores the story of a young girl called Mattie Ross as she embarks on the journey to avenge her father’s death with the aid of a gray-aged lawman, Rooster Cogburn. 

Similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, this novel is a mixture of fascinating action with an In-depth investigation of character.

#4   The Sisters Brothers (2011)

The Sisters Brothers: A Novel
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The Sisters Brothers: A Novel
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Patrick deWitt (Author) – John Pruden (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 04/26/2011 (Publication Date) – HarperAudio (Publisher)

The Sisters Brothers is a 325 pages novel that illustrates the life of two brothers, Eli and Charlie Sisters, who were signed on to murder a confident man in the 1950s in California. The novel is an opaque humorous one written by Patrick Dewitt.

The Sisters Brothers is a well-written book that catches the complexity of character and brotherhood in such a way that will reverberate with fans of the Red Dead Redemption 2 video game.

The story was narrated by the Eli sisters, who were more retrospective of Eli and Charlie. While Charlie is more violent, Eli is impulsive.

Is Red Dead Redemption 2 Based on a Book?

woman reading book in tent

No, the novel Red Dead Redemption is a video game created by Rockstar Games in 2010. Many of the characters in this story were established from real-life experiences in the wild west.

The storyline is created mainly for the game by the game developers. Let’s not forget that some parts of the game were also inspired by sources like Western movies, real life, and history.

Is There a Red Dead Redemption 2 Novel?

The Red Dead Redemption 2 has a guidebook that was written by Piggyback, a company that is based on developing strategy directories for video games.

It is also known as the complete official guide for readers. Note that it is not a local novel that tells a narrative story but a guidebook that enables readers to get detailed information about the game’s character, backgrounds, locations, tasks, weapons, and other gameplay components. 

Is Red Dead Redemption 2 Ok for a 13-Year-Old?

woman standing between library book shelves

“Red Dead Redemption 2” is a game rated M, which represents maturity by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). This means the game is developed explicitly for players from 17 years upwards.

The reason is that the game has a lot of extreme violence and brutality, blood shade, deep sexual content, powerful speech, and excessive use of drugs by the characters and should be kept away from children below 17.

However, it’s up to guardians and parents to decide if it’s suitable for their 13-year-old based on the Child’s maturity level and capacity to handle mature themes. 

The reason is that there are some 13 years old that can comfortably handle mature content without getting negatively influenced, while some cannot.

Finally, parents and guardians should always carry out research and understand what the features of a game such as Red Dead Redemption 2 are before making any decision concerning their underaged children engaging in the game.

Final Thought

In conclusion, Red Dead Redemption 2 is known as a greatly praised video game that speaks volumes regarding a gripping and emotional story set in the American Old West.

If you had fun playing the video game and you’re craving books with similar themes, storylines, adventure, action, morality, and exploration, the above-listed books come highly recommended.

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