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Are you a lover of suspenseful and smart thriller stories that explore politics, ancient history, International intrigue, and historical mystery? Books like the Cotton Malone series are your go-to.

Like the Cotton Melone series, these books we’ll mention as we proceed in this post feature complex, active and emotional characters. 

These characters find themselves in a hazardous situation as they reveal long-buried secrets and go through a shady world of intelligence and conspiracy. 

So, please stick with us on this roller coaster ride as we list books like the Cotton Melone series. 

With detailed plots, pulse-pounding action, and richly attractive settings, these books will intrigue readers who enjoy fast-paced and thoughtful thrillers.

What To Read If You Like The Show 1883?

If you’re a lover of the show 1883 and you are looking for similar books to read that follow the same theme and setting, here are some of our mind-blowing recommendations: 

“Blood Meridian”

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One of the books to consider when searching for books like Cotton Malone is Blood Meridian, written by Cormac McCarthy. The novel was set in the American West in 1850. It follows a teenage runaway known as the Kid. 

“The Revenant”

The Revenant

“The Revenant” is a novel by Micheal Punke.  It tells the tale of a fur trapper left for dead in the wilderness and must outlive opposition to all odds.

“The Sisters Brothers”

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The Sisters Brothers book was about the story of two notorious hitmen that travels from Oregon to California on an assignment to kill a gold prospector. It’s a blackley comedy by Patrick DeWitt.

What Should I Read After Steve Berry?

If you’re a big fan of Steve Berry’s style of writing and you’re hunting for books that follow the same pattern but are written by other authors, you can choose from the bestselling authors mentioned below: 

Dan Brown

Dan Brown is perhaps the most famous author of the thriller genre, and his books you should read include “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons.” These books are fast-paced and full of historical intrigue.

David Baldacci

David Baldacci is a renowned novel author who has written many books that include ” Absolute Power” and “Memory Man, “which feature political intrigue and government conspiracies, similar to Steve Berry’s work.

Clive Cussler

Clive Cussler’s books, such as “Sahara” and “Raise the Titanic,” are action-packed and often involve historical artifacts or locations. 

Are There Any New Cotton Malone Books? 

Yes. Steve Berry released “The Kaiser’s Web” in February 2021. It is the Sixteenth book in the Cotton Malone series. Also, Steve Berry is set to release another book in July 2023.

What Is The Order Of The Cotton Malone Series? 

The Cotton Malone series is a collection of thriller novels by Steve Berry. The following is the Cotton Malone series in chronological order:

The Templar Legacy      

The Alexandria Link        

The Venetian Betrayal       

The Charlemagne Pursuit   

The Paris Vendetta              

The Emperor’s Tomb.          

The Jefferson Key               

The King’s Deception        

The Lincoln Myth             

The Patriot Threat          

The 14th Colony         

The Lost Order          

The Bishop’s Pawn       

The Malta Exchange     

The Warsaw Protocol     

The Kaiser’s Web           


Finally, books like The Cotton Malone Series, written by Steve Berry, give readers a breathtaking experience of historical fact and fiction. 

At their core, these books allow readers to be engrossed with history extraordinarily and amusingly. 

Furthermore, the Cotton Malone Series and similar books also give readers a fantasy feeling.

These books give readers a welcome break from the stresses and complexities of everyday life, moving readers to a world of action and intrigue. 

So, if you’re an avid reader of this genre or you’re just hunting for good books to read, check out the books we listed above. 

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