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Are you a big fan of thrilling page-turner bursting with historical mysteries, codes, and puzzles? Then you must have heard of Dan Brown, one of the best thriller writers of our time.

With his skillful blend of reality and fiction, Dan Brown has caught the imaginations of numerous readers across the globe with his mystery thriller works. 

This ranges from religious theories in “The Da Vinci Code” to the high-tech conspiracy of “Digital Fortress. 

Each of Dan Brown’s books is a captivating journey into a realm of mysteries, symbols, and hidden agendas. Now, the question is, where should you begin if you want to read Dan Brown’s books in order? 

This guide has all you need to get started. So, get set for a fantastic adventure through the book pages of one of the best novel writers, Dan Brown. 

The Full List Of Brown’s Books In Publication And Reading Order

Below is a full list of Dan Brown’s books in publication and recommended reading order:

Book TitleYear Published
Digital Fortress   1989 
189 Men to avoid1995 
Angels & Demons2000 
The Da Vinci Code2003 
Deception Point 2006 
The Lost Symbol 2009 
Inferno 2013 
Origin 2017 
Wild Symphony2020

Dan Brown Books In Order Of Standalone

Dan Brown’s books, in order of standalone, are as follows: 

Book TitleYear Published
Digital Fortress1998 Standalone novel
Deception2001 Standalone novel 

The Robert Langdon Series In Order

Here is the list of the Robert Langdon Series In Order: 

Book TitleYear Published
Angel & Demon2000   Robert Langdon Series 
The Da Vinci Code  2003 Robert Langdon Series 
The Lost Symbol.2009  series 
Inferno  2013  Robert Langdon series 
Origin2017   series

Dan Brown’s Early Life

Dan is an American bestseller author born on June 22, 1964, in Exeter, New Hampshire. His mother was a musician and singer, and his father was a mathematics teacher. 

He was raised in a home that highly valued science and the arts, which later significantly impacted his work as a bestseller author. 

Brown schooled at Phillips Exeter Academy, one of the best boarding schools in Exeter city, New Hampshire. He developed a desire and love for writing from childhood. 

Brown wrote his first book at the tender age of 10. After that, he moved to Amherst College, where he took a English and Spanish literature course, significantly contributing to his writing career. 

Immediately after he graduated from college, he sought to follow his desire for music, and he started performing as a stage music entertainer and a songwriter. He also became a pianist in Los Angeles. 

This never stopped him from writing. He still writes on the side. Brown published the Digital Fortress novel in 1998 as a full writer.

Despite the book’s mixed critiques, it helped him cement his name as a prolific writer of gripping thrillers that combine technology, arts, and conspiracies.

Dan Brown also rose to international recognition and fame with his later publications, including “Angels & Demons” & “The Da Vinci Code.” These books gave Brown more recognition as one of the most famous writers of the twenty-first century.

Other Works By Dan Brown

His other Brown works are not so popular but exciting and can leave you glued to the book until the last page. These books are as follows: 

Book TitleYear Published
187 men to avoid 1995 
Wild Symphony 2020

Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon Adaptations

Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon is a trendy series that has been adapted into movie series. 

The series depicts the antics of Harvard University professor of religious iconography & symbology by the name Robert Langdon as he gets snuck into complicated mysteries that include historical and theological symbols.

There are currently three films in the Dan Brown Robert Langdon adaptation, and they include: 

  1. The Da Vinci Code: This was published in 2003 and was later adapted into a film that Ron Howard directed. The stars in the movie are as follows: 
  • Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon
  • Audrey Tautou played the role of French Cryptologist Sophia Neveu 

In this film, Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou try to crack open the mystery of the Holy Grail and the reality of Jesus Christ. It was a massive success, with over $760 million made. 

2. Dan Brown published Angels & Demons in 2009, and it was later adapted into a film and was also directed by Ron Howard. The film Angels & Demons is the sequel to The Da Vinci Code. 

In this film, Robert Langdon is sent to the Vatican City to assist in solving a mystery concerning the Illuminati and the choice of a new pope. Together with Ewan McGregor & Ayelet Zurer, Tom Hanks returns as Langdon. 

3. Inferno is a mystery, conspiracy fiction, and thriller published in 2013 and later adapted into a film directed by Hon Howard. 

In this film, Robert Langdon woke up in the Florence clinic without recollecting the previous few days’ happenings. 

However, he later discovers that he is being pursued by a group of assassins who plans on unleashing a virus that will kill half of the global population. Ben Foster & Felicity  Jones join Tom Hanks, who reprises his role as Robert Langdon. 

Summaries Of Dan Brown’s Standalone Novels

Here is a brief overview of Dan Brown’s standalone novels: 

Digital Fortress (1998)

In the Digital Fortress book published by Dan Brown in 1998, readers are taken on a detailed exploration of the National Security Agency (NSA), the world’s most sophisticated and powerful intelligence agency.

It is a multi-billion dollar corporation that less than four percent of Americans know of. The NSA calls on its director of cryptography, Susan Fletcher, a skilled and attractive mathematician, when its most highly classified technological experts meet a mysterious code that it couldn’t hack. 

The power elites were startled by what she discovered. The NSA is being captured. However, it’s not with weapons like guns or bombs but instead with a cleverly sophisticated code that, if deciphered, would destroy American intelligence.

Susan Fletcher fights to protect the management agency she believes in while trapped in an escalating tidal wave of mystery and deceit.

Deception Point (2001)

Page 1

The Deception Point is a book published by Dan Brown in 2001. The book centers around an NRO official called Rachel Sexton. 

The Director sent Intelligence Analyst Rachel Sexton to the Arctic to analyze a NASA-established meteorite. On their way, Rachel And Micheal Tolland, the Oceanographer, had to run for their lives. 

This incident was after they discovered a horrible conspiracy. The first to the last page of Deception Point signifies professionalism and Dan Brown’s skillfulness in writing mystery and thriller novels. 

Summaries Of The Robert Langdon Series In Order

The Robert Langdon Series speaks volumes when you talk about mystery and thriller books written by one of the bestselling authors of our time. Read through the summaries below: 

Angels & Demons (2000)

Page 1

Angels & Demons is a series by Dan Brown, one of the bestseller writers in America. 

In this series, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is called on to a Swiss research facility to investigate a mysterious symbol — seared to a murdered physicist’s chest. 

He comes across proof of the unbelievable: the rise of the Illuminati, one of the most potent clandestine groups ever existed. Illuminati is an old secret society.

The Illuminati emerged from the shadows to complete its historic revenge against its most dreaded foe, the Catholic Church.

On the day of the Vatican’s sacred convocation, Langdon’s greatest fears are revealed when an Illuminati emissary claims to have hidden an irreversible and invincible ticking time bomb at the center of Vatican City.

With time running out, Langdon takes off for Rome to team up with Vittoria Vetra, an attractive and enigmatic Italian scientist, to help the Vatican survive. This is one of the series written by Dan Brown you should read. 

The Da Vinci Code (2003)

Page 1

“The Da Vinci Code” is one of the top-rated bestseller novels by the renowned author Dan Brown in 2003. It is a story that centered around a symbologist named Robert Langdon. 

Robert Langdon was invited to the Louvre Museum in Paris following the assassination of the curator, Jacques Saunière. 

Robert soon discovered a secret society known as Priory Sion and that Saunière belonged there. 

Also, he was on the mission of protecting a hidden truth that Saunière was a member of an undercover which may likely jerk the footing of Christianity. 

With the help of a French Cryptologist, Sophia Neveu, they followed a route that led them to the hidden truth, which happens to be a conspiracy against the Catholic Church. In addition, Sophia Neveu is Saunière’s granddaughter. 

The Lost Symbol (2009)

Dan Brown wrote The Lost Symbol novel in 2009, his third novel in the Robert Langdon book series. 

The book was centered around a Harvard Symbologist named Robert Langdon. He received an invitation to Washington Dc For a discourse only to find himself in a mysterious exploration to reveal the undercover of the Freemasons. 

Along the line, he discovers that Peter Solomon, his friend/mentor, has been abducted, and If he must save him, he is given a task he must carry out. 

So, in the company of Katherine Solomon, a Scientist Student studying Noetic science, he set out to accomplish the task. Katherine Solomon is Peter Solomon’s sister.

Inferno (2003)

Dan Brown wrote and published “Inferno,” his Mystery thriller novel, in 2013. The book was the story of the adventures of a professor of Symbology known as Robert Langdon. 

Langdon suddenly found himself on a mission to save humanity from a deadly epidemic threatening to destroy humanity. However, he wakes up in a hospital in Florence, a city in Italy, with no memory of all that has happened in the last two days. 

However, he later recovered and found that he’s been trailed. Sienna Brooks, a young doctor in the hospital in Florence, helped Langdon. 

Robert Langdon sets out to unravel the mysteries behind the deadly virus and save the world population. This story featured a race against time to halt the deadly virus from being discharged into the air. 

Origin (2017)

Origin was written and published in 2017 by Dan Brown. The story is about a Harvard professor by name Robert Langdon. He is also—a symbologist.  

Langdon investigated an unexpected finding by his former student which endangers the foundations of religion, science, and humankind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Most Popular Dan Brown Books? 

The most popular Dan Brown Books are: 

  • The Da Vinci Code 
  • Origin 
  • Angels & Demons 
  • The Lost Symbol 
  • Inferno

What Are Brown’s Latest Releases? 

Dan Brown’s latest release was Origin which he Published in 2017 and is the fifth novel in the Robert L Series. 

Will Brown Be Releasing Any Robert Langdon Series Soon? 

There is no official notification concerning the release of the Robert Langdon novels series by Brown. 

What Is Dan Brown’s Fourth Novel? 

The Da Vinci Code is a Mystery thriller work done by Dan Brown. It is his fourth novel. 

Wrapping Up

Lastly, Dan Brown’s books are thought-provoking and blend well with elements of history and religion. If you are looking for engaging books on science and conspiracy theories, Dan Brown’s books in order should be your go-with. 

Dan Brown writes engaging stories that keep the readers on the edge of their seats. If you’re a big fan of thriller novels or just searching for engaging books, we recommend Dan Brown Books for a good read. 

Brown’s books, both the standalone novels, the Robert Langdon series, and his other books, are worth your time and money. Cheers to a good read! 

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