Does Audible Work With Amazon Prime?

BookSummaryClub Blog Does Audible Work With Amazon Prime?

Have you ever found $20 in an old jacket? Well, like that jacket, your Amazon Prime membership is a gift that keeps on giving.

In this article, we’ll look at what parts of Audible you get with your Amazon Prime membership.

Is Audible included in my Amazon Prime?

A lot of people will ask if their Amazon Prime membership covers an Audible subscription.

It is essential to know that an Amazon Prime membership does not include a full Audible membership.

However, it isn’t all bad news. You get lots of benefits of being a prime member on Audible. So what are you waiting for?

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As a perk of your Prime membership, you’ll get access to a rotation of about fifty audiobooks for free on the Audible channel of your Fire!

The books are rotated in regularly, you don’t get a warning when books are no longer available, and you can’t download the books — but hey, free is free.

So, if you’re not an avid audiobook listener, or want to see if it is worth paying for full membership rights, you can check it out on Prime.

How do I use Amazon Prime with Audible?

If you have an Amazon Prime membership and you’d like to listen to your free Audible audiobooks, here are the steps you’ll need to take.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if you use Apple or Mac, the steps are the same.

Step 1. Download the app

Find the Audible Audio Books and Podcasts app on your device’s app store.

The app is free, and the developer will be listed as Audible, Inc.

Step 2. Launch the Audible app

On your device, open the app and sign in using the email address and password that’s connected with your Amazon Prime account.

You’ll be taken to your Audible home screen, which should be empty if you’ve never downloaded any Audible books.

audible channel

Step 3. Click on ‘Channels”

On the app, find the “Channels” icon in the row of icons that appear along the bottom of the screen.

The Channels icon looks kinda like the face of a cock.

Once you click that, the Channels for Prime screen should appear on your device.

Step 4. Find Audiobook Collections

Scroll down to the bottom of the Channels for Prime screen to arrive at a list.

Tap “Audiobook Collections” on this list.

The Audiobook Collections screen will show up and display a variety of audiobook collections.

Step 5. Find your book in the collections

You’ll need to enter one of these collections to display a screen showing the books.

From there, you can tap on any of the books to start streaming them.

Final Thoughts

It is really simple to listen to Audiobooks if you’re an Amazon Prime customer.

The rotating library is not the best result for the avid book worm. However, if you’re looking for the occasional audiobook, or wanting to check out Audible for the first time, it is well worth it.

Hell, if you’re happy with the fifty books, there’s no need to get an Audible subscription at all.

If you do want to learn more about Audible, you can see how it compares to Kindle Unlimited, Blinkist and Scribd in our Scribd vs Audible guide.

At the moment, Amazon is offering 3 Free Audiobooks to Audible members.

You will get an Audiobooks of your choice and two from the Audible Originals list.

You can keep those books forever too.

The books you purchase on Audible are yours, even if you cancel your trial membership.

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