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Feudal Japan fiction books are often called Samurai fiction, Japanese historical fiction, or medieval Japanese fiction. This is a subgenre of writing that has the power to transport readers into the complex and affluent world of Japan, which lasted between the 12th and the 19th century.

Samurai warriors, ninja assassins, and other notable personalities who had a significant influence on the political and cultural climate of Japan at that period are often the subject of these novels.

Feudal Japan fiction books mostly combine components of traditional Japanese culture and folklore, giving readers a glance into Japan’s unique traditions, loyalties, and customs. So, If you love storytelling, dive in deeper!

What Fantasy is Based on Feudal Japan?

One of the most famous fantasy fiction novels based on feudal Japan is known as “Tales of the Otori ” and was written by Lian Hearn. 

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This fantasy series tells the tale of a young man named Takeo who became engaged in the societal and political scandals of the time and is set in a world inspired by medieval Japanese.

A second example on our list is “Legend of the Five Rings,” a role-playing game and companion novel. This fiction book is established in a world after Japanese feudal history and explores the rivalries and allegiances between various clans and coalitions.

Legend of the Five Rings

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Does Feudal Japan Still Exist?

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No, the political or social structures of feudal Japan are no longer in existence—the period known as feudal Japan in Japanese history spanning from the 12th through the 19th centuries.

During that period, Japan was governed by a feudal system when strong lords described as daimyos possessed enormous estates and managed the loyalties of their samurai warriors.

However, Japan began a dramatic modernization phase known as the Meiji Restoration in 1868, and with this, the feudal age in Japanese history ended, and modern Japan began.

What is the Most Famous Piece of Japanese Literature?

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The 11th-century novel “The Tale of Genji,” written by the noblewoman Murasaki Shikibu, is one of the most popular and significant works of Japanese literature. It is a classic work of Japanese literature known mainly as the first novel ever written.

“The Tale of Genji”  is a long, complex book that recounts the loves and relationships of the main character, Genji, and those close to him.

The novel is noteworthy for its in-depth analyses of court life and Heian Japan’s aristocratic culture and its discussion of subjects like fantasy, loss, family, and the fleeting nature of life.

“The Tale of Genji” has been adapted into numerous films, games, and other art pieces. Furthermore, it greatly impacted Japanese publications and culture, and so many people love and read this grand masterpiece in Japan and beyond.

What Are the Best Japanese Novels to Read?

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There are numerous Japanese books you can read, and they all have unique storytelling styles and themes. Check out our recommendations of International bestseller books to upgrade your reading list with the best:

  • “Norwegian Wood” by Haruki Murakami 
  • “The Tale of Genji” by Murasaki Shikibu 
  • “Kokoro” by Natsume Soseki 
  • “Snow Country” by Yasunari Kawabata 
  • “Silence” by Shusaku Endo 

The Bottom Line

Lastly, if you’re looking for Feudal Japan fiction books to read, check out our recommendations above. If you want to know more about Japanese history, culture, and philosophy, you should order Feudal Japan fiction books. 

Feudal Japanese fiction books are action-packed with thrilling storylines and themes. Some of these books also have a mix of romance so you won’t miss out on anything. Check them o, ut and have a good read!

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