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The lowdown: Discover why our corporate culture promoted bad management, and what you can do be a better manager in this Good People, Bad Managers Summary.

Our working conditions are better than they ever have been.

For example, I caught up with my emails on the toilet today! Talk about efficiency.

However, does the quality of management stack up to the quality of life?

In one word? No. In two words, hell no.

GOOD PEOPLE, BAD MANAGERS EPZI P [Hardcover] Samuel A Culbert
  • Hardcover Book
  • SAMUEL A. CULBERT (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • Oxford (Publisher)

The three biggest lessons from this book are:

  1. Managers focus too much on their own success
  2. Business education and workplace culture teach managers bad habits
  3. Seeking feedback and prioritizing honesty will help you be a better manager

Lesson One: Managers focus too much on their own success

The story-arc of the hero who battles their way to the top is a popular one. It is no surprise that the business world projects this image to many managers.

To put it bluntly, managers focus on their own success instead of the people who report to them.

Even the do-gooders are too focused on helping the metaphorical old lady cross the road. Instead, they should be looking out for the needs of those they work with.

The best managers scrap self-focus for focus on others. So, create a relationship, show interest, and create the environment for success.

Lesson Two: Business education and workplace culture teach managers bad habits

It won’t come to a shock to you that most business schools teach bullshit at a high price.

For instance, who in their right mind labels people skills as ‘soft skills’? The phrase is used to suggest that people skills are secondary and don’t move the needle like ‘hard’ skills.

When in reality, the opposite is true.

To make it even worse, these people skills and reflection skills are vital when you enter the business world, which breeds conformity and not honesty.

This combo of shitty education and terrible culture combine to make a cocktail of bad decisions.

Lesson Three: Seeking feedback and prioritizing honesty will help you be a better manager

So, instead of making these mistakes previously mentioned, look to find another way.

The desire for immediate results, super-high expectations and focus on punishment lead managers to make terrible decisions.

For starters, don’t expect excellence. People are not perfect or excellent by nature. By encouraging a mood of growth and not excellence, people will seek assistance rather than hide their weaknesses.

You should also create a culture of honesty above all else. To teach honest in your workplace, make sure people use first-person pronouns. For example, replacing “we need to do…..” with, “this is what I see, …..” will give others an opportunity to put their honest opinion across.

If you have a culture of honesty, look for feedback on your work. This feedback will be valuable and useful, rather than just some yes-men.

My Personal Takeaway

I am definitely starting the personal pronoun emphasis tomorrow. No questions asked.

I believe that is a brilliant way to start more two-way conversations.

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Start to point our bad management when you see it. The first step in changing your management style is knowing what you’re doing wrong.

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