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Has anyone ever asked you what it meant to make this world a better place than the way you found it?

It is a great question and an even greater quest. When I brought my son into the world, I truly realized it was my responsibility to acknowledge this subject for us both. Clarity has helped me to recognize that the many considerations involved run deep. In other words, perhaps there is no one answer we should all cling to make my world or your world a better place.

“You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world.” – Woodrow Wilson

Changing The World: What Can I Do?

Where to begin?

Being human offers a huge advantage where changes are concerned. Our intricate systems are not only forever changing, they foresee, construct, and expedite bodily changes of all kinds – all day, every day. They are designed to provide positive, collective functioning. They stretch our understanding of how to sustain and enhance the delicate works going on, both inside and outside of the physical footprint.

Being human offers a huge advantage where changes are concerned

That’s a lot of change happening. All we really have to do is acknowledge and respect the systems’ integrity, contribute to optimal performance, and remain sensitive to limitations and differences.

So, what might happen if we applied these ideas to the world inside and outside of ourselves? It seems logical they might offer a simple strategy in changing your world and making the world a better place.

If You Want To Change The World….

Acknowledge And Awareness

If you want to make the world a better place, wouldn’t it be helpful to embrace ourselves as positive contributors? How many positive changes come about with a negative outlook? Negativity is a form of blockage, restraint and can bring positive change to an unfortunate impasse.

The conscious acknowledgment and awareness of how our truest selves, our inner voices work promises stronger potential for positive growth, change, and success.

How To Acknowledge Inner Dialogues

Acknowledging anything takes awareness, right? I try to open my mind as to what is happening inside and outside of my head. For example, when shopping for a new outfit, I think about my usual go-to tastes. I am aware I select basically the same styles and colors. What if I chose a different color for a change? How would that impact the world? Perhaps it would open up a whole new perspective of how colors really affect me and those around me. Boom. A brand new awareness of acknowledging the norm versus change has just been born.

It’s okay to start and get involved with what is familiar in your world. Wouldn’t you like to see what could happen if you took one thing and designed it to support another idea or purpose?


Respecting perspectives, whether considered right, wrong, or indifferent, is 100% necessary. Since I am not perfect or educated in every single area of life, I must agree to respect, acknowledge, and accept that I have so much more to learn about myself and others. How can I expect to change the world without respecting what I have to work with from myself or others?

How To Respect Inner Dialogues

Understanding how to respect our inner dialogues can be tricky because life is not dealt using only black and white cards. Life is not a straight path or one dimensional. While many people have underlying commonalities to share, we all also may get stuck in thinking that my way is the best way or others’ way is better than my own.

Going back to the acknowledgment section above, I help myself remember what it is I need to become again aware of. In this case of respecting my inner dialogue, I first consider that I am not like everyone else. I am uniquely different on purpose and for a good reason. When I accept that my gifts, be them spiritual, emotional, physical or something else, that my selections and my decisions are my own, I am given permission to respect myself and my inner dialogue better. Perhaps changing the world for the better is as easy as simply being more aware of this process.

I am uniquely different on purpose and for a good reason


You’re contributing to change the world, you deserves some TLC (tender, loving, care). Thoughtful, specific, and honed suggestions are so much more helpful than tossing out poorly planned ditties. Contributions toward changing anything have a positive connotation rather, doesn’t it? Take action. After all, contributing lends an understanding of assistance or improvement.

That said, it is also possible to share negative contributions that have been carefully considered before exposure. Although perhaps a slippery slope, some negativity can actually contribute to positive changes when taking the most rewarding approaches. Experimenting with the exploration of self-contributions that support our own thoughts is a great place to visit. Hey, we all need support.

How To Contribute Positively To Negative Inner Dialogue

There have been many occasions where my inner dialogue just isn’t very friendly or positive. It’s a bother I would like to wish away and be done with quite simply. Since that usually doesn’t work well, it’s back to the drawing board of awareness. I try to decipher any outcomes by referring back to “ACKNOWLEDGEMENT” AND “RESPECT” before contributing to, for example, a conversation with personal opinions or values.

Practice scenarios might just help awaken or heighten those tender, loving, care moments of pre-thought and awareness before speaking, too. If there is something negative exposed, turn it into a positive by trying to remember it’s also okay to agree to disagree if unexpected problems arise. Sometimes we all need a little time to absorb opposing views when delivered respectfully.

Remain Sensitive

Remaining sensitive to the processes which can potentially change the world isn’t always as easy as it sounds. However, sensitivity to our own limitations might help us be more sensitive to others’ boundaries and different viewpoints, whether in person or on social media.

How To Remain Sensitive To Inner Dialogues

Remaining sensitive to my own inner dialogue and its impact on others could be one of the most important components there is to make my world a better place. When you want to change the world, whether internally or externally, feel free to try what I do. I feel more comfortable when I have a few good conversations with myself about the significance of remaining sensitive as a whole person whose desire is to make the world better.

Sensitivity is not a weakness. Sensitivity is a gift and a necessity. Recalling our bodies’ intricate systems, sensitivity is a crucial piece of the body’s detailed functioning. Harshness inside a body just won’t work due to the delicacies of the body’s design.

Sensitivity is not a weakness. Sensitivity is a gift and a necessity

Sometimes folks have some have trouble with this clarity because of past experiences from years ago, belief systems, or lack of awareness and acknowledgment. When sensitivity is used in our day-to-day, often layers and layers of relationships improve. Whether personal or commercial relationships are at large, sensitivity equates to Acknowledgement, Respect, and Contribution for us to change the world.

After practice, these helpful hints can become a natural part of positive internal dialogues. Of course, internal dialogues may sound a bit clinical. How about just using a good old train of thought or putting on your thinking cap, instead – after all, flexibility could be another plus here! Plus, it’s always worthwhile to have a few good laughing inner dialogues, too. If laughter didn’t exist, we would all be in a heap of trouble.

No matter which part of my world needs or desires changing, the fundamental elements toward change are always the same.

  • Acknowledgment and Awareness
  • Respect
  • Contribute
  • Remain Sensitive

The Changing World Is Your Oyster

Ladies and gents, changing your world can be so much fun. In fact, change is a constant part of nature. It has been and will remain the backbone behind each and every detail of our lives. How some changes come about are up to us. How we learn to understand the most effective approaches and values of change takes just as much backbone to get the most desired results.

Some Ways To Change Your World

There are many ways to change the world. Humorously, human relationships are always prone to conversations about change. Do you think there might be fewer conversations about change if the elements mentioned above were used on a more personal level? Maybe elements that have proven the tests of time are actually the ingredients of the well-known cliché, “food for thought”!

Scenario #1

You are on a blind date, waiting for your date to arrive. She is 15 minutes late. Has this experience changed your world positively, negatively, or at all? Maybe that 15-minute wait-time could have been used productively to hone in on your inner dialogue and how this uncomfortable awareness could be kindly acknowledged.

Scenario #2

When someone else is involved, do you ever feel like they are to blame or are responsible for circumstances’ outcomes, especially if the result wasn’t so great? I think this is one of the most overused, unfair, and unfortunate coping strategies ever, regardless of topic.

Since no one enjoys the feeling of being blamed for anything, I try very hard to remember my inner dialogue’s triggers. One of my triggers of wanting to blame others is when I am already having a bad day. This does not help you and it does not help others. Internal conversations may not always offer the best advice if they lean toward blaming others for my personal discomfort or dissatisfaction of something. So, reeling myself in from playing the blame-game is necessary. Blaming others for my misery is simply a cop-out, every time.

Scenario #3

Standing in the grocery line, you see a mother with her three young children. This busy mom is so distracted by her children; she has forgotten several items on her grocery list. She is frazzled and doesn’t have time to leave the line and retrieve her things. You see many people in the front getting annoyed and impatient for having to wait any longer. What can you do?

One of the most amazing gifts to the world and to ourselves is the gift of giving. Turning a challenging moment into a moment of joy and appreciation is a considerable way to instantly make your world and the world around you a much nicer place. Giving out of kindness offers healing, anxiety-reduction, and love.

If I had been in that grocery line, I could have offered to retrieve and pay for those items. That distressed mom really needed the world to change for her at that moment in a positive way. This is one key piece to the inner-peace puzzle. Look for random opportunities to give freely and change the world for the better.

Scenario #4

Offering ourselves the gifts of awareness, acknowledgment, contribution, and sensitivity speaks to the essence of human life. Trying to develop these wonderful gifts into healthy parts of ourselves does take effort, too. In my journey of personal improvements, I also find that being mindful of my time and energy levels is really important.

Do you ever find it challenging to settle your thoughts even though you would prefer just to get busy changing the world now? Me, too. Let me encourage you to remember you are only human. That includes recognizing your limitations. One great way to address yourself gently is through meditation.

There are several ways to meditate. One effortless way is to simply sit in a quiet area, close your eyes, and breathe. Do not speak. Just feel your energy. Be aware, acknowledge, and contribute to the sensitivities you behold. Mentally connect with your breathing to keep a calm rhythm. Do this every day for at least 10 minutes. Your mind and body will thank you.

Be aware, acknowledge, and contribute to the sensitivities you behold


Maybe it’s time to shed tired approaches toward change, especially those that really don’t change much for the better. Join me in embracing the brain-space between our ears and under our rib cages where hearts have long-lived to make this world a better place. I’m holding the door open for you, it’s the small things like these that matter. By making conscious shifts in our thinking, one contemplation at a time, this world, your world, and mine can be beautifully renewed with hope and happiness.

It’s your world. How will you change the world for the better? Today, I think you know!

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