How to wake up a stuck Kindle device

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how to wake up a stuck device

Amazon Kindle devices have made reading easier for bookworms. With these devices, people can read books, magazines, and other documents on the go. However, if you are not digitally literate when using the kindle device, your e-reader might freeze, get stuck up, or even become slow in responding.

The good news is, there is a way to solve this problem. In this article, you’ll learn how to wake up your Kindle device when it freezes.

Let’s dive in.

Why won’t my Kindle device wake up?

When your Kindle is stuck and isn’t waking up, it is usually due to one of these issues:

  1. Low battery

When your kindle device is low on battery, it can reduce the power of the processor in your device. This can cause your Kindle to freeze or to respond slowly. 

  1. Overworked processor

Amazon Kindle doesn’t have a great deal of processing power, so it is very easy to overload your device. This occurs when you are using your Kindle browser to visit other websites.

  1. Memory incapacity

Amazon Kindle has a limited amount of memory/storage to be used. So if you overload it with too much data, your device will freeze up or respond slowly.

  1. Outdated firmware

If you have been using your Kindle reader for a while and you haven’t updated it, it will freeze due to problems in the firmware, or because it lacks support for the features you are trying to use.

How to solve the problem

The method you use to awaken your Kindle depends largely on the reason it isn’t waking up in the first place.

Some cases may involve you restarting your device. For example, suppose the culprit is an overworked processor or memory incapacity. In that case, restarting your kindle device will help you clear the junk out, and this will allow your Kindle to work normally as soon as you turn it on.

Here’s how to restart your kindle device:

  1. Locate the power button on the bottom of your Kindle. Depending on the model of your kindle device, you will either slide or hold the button for 20-30 seconds.

Note: You will know that your device has restarted as soon as the power light goes off, and your screen turns blank.

  1. In most models, a dialogue box will appear on the screen and will ask you to confirm your intention to restart your kindle device. When you see this, tap the restart button.

If all of these don’t work, you can try other fixes below:

  • Try charging the device if you haven’t connected it to the charger for a long time.
  • You can also leave it for some time to unfreeze.
  • Update the firmware manually from your device.
  • Factory reset your kindle.


If you have tried all the methods to wake your Kindle device and it’s still frozen, then you can try contacting Amazon itself. If they can rectify the issue for you, then great. But if they’re unable to, you might need to buy a new e-reader.

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