Are Kindle books cheaper than print books?

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Kindle books cheaper

Picture this:

You are considering buying a Kindle device, but you are worried that the books in the device may cost more than the physical books.

Or you already own a Kindle device, but you think you’re spending more than you would if you got the physical copies of the books.

Do any of these situations seem familiar? If yes, then this article is for you. But to be direct: Kindle books are cheaper. In fact, with the way Kindle is set up, you can read books for free.

In this article, I extensively answer questions concerning the value of books on Kindle. I’m also sharing some tips with you on how to get free books on your Kindle device.

Let’s jump in.

Are Kindle books cheaper than paperback books?

The short answer is yes. But… you need a Kindle to enjoy the savings! Good thing they have gotten really affordable lately!

Kindle books are usually lower in price compared to hardcover or physical books. In fact, Kindle books are 36.5% cheaper than the paperback version of that same book, on average.

This average, however, is generalized and based on the data from multiple books. So, when purchasing a single book on Amazon, the difference in the price of the Kindle and paperback books will vary depending on the purchase.

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How much do Kindle books cost?

Generally, a Kindle book ranges between $4 – $15. However, the average price of a Kindle book costs around $9.50.

The price of hardcover books ranges from $13 – $22, which makes the average price $17.50. Notice how the average hardcover book is nearly twice the price of the average Kindle book.

Some books on your Kindle e-reader may also appear for free, or it may be available at a substantially lower price like $0.99.

How to read books at a cheaper rate on your Kindle device

Rent eBooks with Kindle Unlimited

When you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you can borrow and read a minimum of 10 books at a time without having to pay anything for it.

After the subscription, you will be given a 30-day free trial. After the trial is up, you’ll have to pay $9.99/month to continue the service.

This monthly subscription fee is just a little bit more than the average price of an ebook. So you can read up to 10 eBooks a month for the price of one. That’s a steal!

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Kindle Daily Deals

An excellent way to save money on Kindle books is by following the daily deals. When you follow these deals, you can register for the newsletter to never miss a book.

In these daily deals, you will find a lot of interesting books to read daily for free or at a low price.

Use your local library

Many libraries have started offering access to eBooks. If you are lucky, this service will be provided in your local library.

If it is, that’s a great chance to get more books at a cheaper rate. All you have to do is to pay the subscription fee and you’ll have access to as many books as possible per month.

If you have a good library, you will also get access to video games, DVDs, and audiobooks.

Kindle monthly deals

Amazon also offers monthly deals on their Kindle ebooks. These deals are available for one month, and there are countless of them.

Currently, there are almost 600 books on discount. The discounts on the books are not the same, they vary from one book to another.

You can check the page every month to find the right deals, or you can subscribe to the newsletter so that you can receive it directly in your inbox every month.

Kindle countdown deals

Amazon offers yet another Kindle countdown deal. This deal has a duration. The duration can be a day or a few days; it depends. Some may not be lucky to have a lot of good deals, but you may be.

This deals are usually made by writers who want to increase their audience or the readership of newly launched books.

There are tons of deals to find here (more than 2000 when I recently checked), but the downside is that you cannot subscribe. You’ll just have to check occasionally to find deals.

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Read Kindle books at an affordable rate

Amazon Kindle has tried to help its users save money on reading books by creating platforms that are cheap or less expensive to use.

The tips listed above can help you get books at a cheaper rate on Kindle. When you put these tips into practice, you will enjoy using the Kindle device.

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