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Kindle fonts for dyslexia

The Kindle font for dyslexia has created more ways for users with dyslexia and other learning disabilities to read comfortably. This special font is present in different versions of the Kindle e-reader, like the Voyage, the basic Kindle device, and the latter two Paperwhites.

In this article, we’ll discuss what the Kindle fonts for dyslexia mean, and how it improves people’s daily reading experience.

Kindle font for dyslexia

The Amazon Kindle device has an installed update of the dyslexia font. This font was created to help users who find it difficult to read text with the regular font.

The Kindle e-reader dyslexia font is known as OpenDyslexic. This font has excellent font techniques like the bold, regular, and italics fonts.

Many Kindle users have chosen to read their books with OpenDyslexic fonts because of how smooth and easier reading is with the font.

Note: Dyslexia fonts are a combination of thick lines in the parts of letters, among other fonts.

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Features of the dyslexia fonts on Kindle

Here are the features of Kindle fonts that were created to help dyslexic people (and people with other learning disabilities) read better:

  • Heavier bottoms
  • Different shapes
  • Better spacing
  • Longer sticks
  • Capital letters and punctuation
  • Inclined letters
  • Bigger openings
  • Higher X-height
  • Various heights

How to open the Kindle fonts for dyslexia

  • Tap or click the center of your screen in the Kindle e-reader.
  • Select the Settings button on the screen to access the Settings page.
  • Click on the Font drop-down menu to pick out fonts.
  • Select Open Dyslexic or Open Dyslexic Bold.

Make reading comfortable with Kindle dyslexia fonts

Reading comfortably is one of the goals Amazon works towards for its users. Even when you are not dyslexic, using the Kindle fonts for dyslexia can improve your reading experience.

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