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Do you find yourself setting your work aside for the weekend and doing something that you love doing? Where are you not doing what you love the entire week? Dan Miller in his book No More Monday’s states that if you dread Mondays, then you need to do something about your work. This bestseller guides you on how you can discover your passion and center your work on it. 

No More Monday’s will help you to change your perspective on work, especially during this century when things are changing overnight. Job security is no longer assured, but you can do something about it. In this No More Monday’s summary, we highlight the essential teachings you can get chapter wise.

Don’t be Stupid – in this chapter, Dan Miller talks about revolutionary thinking in terms of work and employment. Since things are changing drastically nowadays, it is essential that you also change your mindset and adopt a revolutionary one. “….if you think like a traditional “employee,” you are placing yourself in jeopardy. We are witnessing the dawn of a revolution in which each one of us will become completely responsible for our own income, benefits, and retirement.”

“I am writing to assure you that business is not declining and opportunities are not diminishing. However, they most surely are changing.” You have to change to get a piece of the opportunities that are coming up now.

Let Your Life Speak – This chapter is all about finding your calling so you can get the work that matches what your passion is or bring your passion to your work. You should, therefore, identify your passions, values, and dreams first. After that know what your abilities and skills are because you will need these to do the job and also identify the personality tendencies required and whether you have those personalities.

Who’s Making Your Lunch Today? – This chapter is all about taking responsibility. Many people are quick at passing blame to others. He gives the five-step process that you can use to take charge of your life and bring desired change; 1) clarify your current situation 2)seek advice from other people and listen to their opinions 3)identify what alternatives you have 4)choose the best alternative from all the available ones and 5)Act now. Do not wait for any perfect conditions to arise because they will not be there. Just do what you can to move you forward right now.

Don’t Wait for the Wizard – to thrive you need to learn to think outside the box. Even the most complex problems that you will encounter do have a problem. Think beyond the obvious choices that you will see and look for things that others are not already looking at.

Donald’s Not Coming – Fire Yourself – this chapter is all about finding your creativity and your ideas. Write down all the ideas that you have and start acting on them. Make a list of the skills you have and ask yourself who would hire you and why?

Secure or Imprisoned? – To get yourself out of the repetitive cycle of work you do not love for job security, you should find your passion. Dan Miller explains what you need to do to find what you want. When you have a clear picture of it, then you are able to approach it with boldness and confidence. He also gives you the five predictors of success that you need to have if you are going to make it;

But You Owe Me – This chapter will teach you how you can break free of the paycheck mentality. In fact, he states that not getting a paycheck may open your door to extraordinary income and help you to achieve. It is also important to know that your time will not always deserve compensation because compensation should be dependent on results. When you bring results, you will surely get income.

Finding Work That Fits – you can be able to find work that fits you if your passion overcomes your fear of inadequacy. Think of ways that you can make money without being there so you can get income. Know what your competencies are and find ways in which these competencies could be put to use.

One Place Forever – Blessing or Curse? – Struggles will always be there, but you need to see them as the start to a new beginning. Endeavor to grow and work as hard as you would want everyone else to work.

Throw out Your TV (and your alarm clock too!) – look around you? What do you see? There is opportunity around us everywhere that people are not putting into good use. Focus on what your strengths are and ensure that you put them to use around you. Keep learning from the surroundings and improving yourself.

No Money No Problem! – Many people never get to start a business because; they fear failure, lack knowledge and think they don’t have enough money to start. Get past your fear of failure, learn what you can about it and start with what you have.

Get creative ways of starting with the little capital you have and keep tabs on how you spend your money. The process of getting wealth, not money is what is essential in this life.

Living With Passion, Purpose, and Profit – you can live a fulfilled life if you live it with passion and purpose. When you do that the profit will come along. You should identify what success means to you in all the different aspects of your life like financial, family, spiritual, physical, personal development and social.

What I Like About The Book

I like the challenge that this book poses to the beliefs that people have about work. This book challenges you to change your perspective about work so you can be able to see beyond the veil of traditional work. This might mean that you have to believe you have lived a lie for so long.

However, this book is not all about telling you to quit your career or change it completely. I like that it presents ideas that you can use to change your life and how you can leverage your strengths to serve other people. There is a lot of power in serving others.

Why You Should Read The Book

If you dread Mondays, then you need to do something about it. That is just what Dan Miller is telling the readers in the book. No More Monday’s will help you to find your calling and then be able to find or create work that will meet your passion. This means you will be doing something you are passionate about and getting paid for it or earning from it.

You do not have to get up and go to a job you hate every day anymore for a paycheck or job security because with the changing employment scene you could be out of your job before you know it. This book is also ideal for managers and business owners who would like to understand how people want to work.

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