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Are you looking to read romance books combining love, happiness, heartbreak, and disappointment due to unfulfilled desires? Romance books with bittersweet endings are your go-to. 

Romance books are a subgenre of romantic stories readers enjoy across the globe. Also, romance books with bittersweet endings are tales of two characters who are passionately in love with each other but cannot be together due to some circumstances beyond their control. 

These circumstances may be distance, choice, and personal preferences, or It can be that their families and friends are objects to their being together.

What Is The Meaning Of Bittersweet Romance?

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A bittersweet romance means a romantic relationship having both positive and negative characteristics. In this type of romance, there is a combination of both joy and unhappiness in the relationship. 

Also, the word “bittersweet” talks about the mixture of two opposite feelings, bitter and sweet, which can both be experienced simultaneously. 

What Is a Bittersweet Ending In a Book? 

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A bittersweet ending in a romance book is when the main characters in the story cannot achieve their fantasies or lose someone dear to them as the relationship goes on. It can also mean a couple coming back together after a long time of separation only to discover that they have grown apart. 

Furthermore, bittersweet endings in a book are when disagreements have been settled or specific goals have been accomplished, but still, some losses or unhappiness linger in the relationship. 

What Is The Most Bought Romance Novel?

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Determining the most bought romance novel of all time can be pretty challenging. Regardless, we recommend these two out of all the most-bought romance novels: 

“Fifty Shades”: This is one of the most bought romance novels written and published by Grey E. L. James in 2011, with over 150 million copies by romance story lovers. 

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“Pride And Prejudice”: This romance novel was written by Jane Austen in 1813, and it’s the second most bought book with over 120 million copies sold. According to WordRated’s survey, Pride And Prejudice is a novel greatly loved by over 78,000 Americans. 

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2 Romance Novels For Women

The following is a summary of two romance novels for women that will give you a sneak peek into what romance novels for women are all about: 

“The Hating Game”

The Hating Game is a romance book written for women by Sally Thorne. The tale follows the love-hate connection between 2 coworkers named Lucy and Joshua, who are competing for the same promotion, and their mutual enmity veers around into a surprising attraction. 

“The Notebook”

“The Notebook” is a romance novel by Nicholas Sparks. It is a heartbreaking tale that explores the lives of two young lovers, Noah Calhoun, and Allie Nelson. They are the main character in this story.

The young lovers were separated by class, rank, and circumstance. However, as time goes by, Noah tries to gain back Allies’ love and attention using their memories, but she is already engaged to another man.

What Are Cheesy Romance Novels Called? 

Cheesy romance novels are also Called bodice-rippers or trashy romance novels. These phrases can be used to illustrate romance books with formulaic plots, distorted characters, and erotic love scenes that may be considered surprising and romantic. 


Lastly, romance books with bittersweet endings combine sweet and bitter experiences in a relationship. Books like this are always intriguing and also emotionally tasking.

While readers may find themselves investing in the characters’ relationships and rooting for them to succeed, a bittersweet ending can leave them both pleased and pained.

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