The Best Books Holders for Reading in Bed or Lying Down in 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

BookSummaryClub Blog The Best Books Holders for Reading in Bed or Lying Down in 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

I know I’ve written about pillow book holders and textbook holders – but this time I decided to focus purely on the best book holders for reading in bed or lying down. Whether you just want to curl up with a good book or maybe you are recovering in bed and need the assist, these book holders are for your pure comfort. Reducing back and neck pain whilst keeping your hands free, book holders are a great addition to any book lovers home. Let’s take a look at some of the best book holders for reading in bed or lying down in 2020. 

Why do you need a book holders for reading in bed or lying down in the first place?

There is a multitude of reasons why you should use a book holder for reading in bed. Most of them surround comfort and physical wellness. These include: 

  • Neck and Back Strain – reading whilst lying down often causes your neck to adopt awkward angles to facilitate reading.
  • Arm fatigue – whether you notice it or not, holding a book long periods of time can get painful, especially if it’s a large, heavy book.
  • Increased concentration/focus – If you do not get distracted by an aching neck or sore arms, you will be able to focus on your book more.
  • For people who are bedridden – Some patients or the elderly have little to no use of there hands and these book holders can be of great use for them to place their books on

Taking these points into consideration, you can tell that a book holder will significantly affect your bedtime reading rituals (and angles). Let’s take a look at some of the best book holders for reading in bed or lying down.

Name PriceReviews
RAINBEAN Book Holder$23.99Amazon Reviews
Hog Wild Peeramid Book Holder$24.99Amazon Reviews
Superior Essentials Portable Book Holder$24.99Amazon Reviews
Zicheng Wine and Book Holder$35.99Amazon Reviews
Hankey Bamboo$36.98Amazon Reviews
The Book Seat Book Pillow$39.90Amazon Reviews
Uncaged Ergonomics$49.99Amazon Reviews
LECCO Book Holder$179.99Amazon Reviews
The Hold It Book Holder$219.99Amazon Reviews

You can see from the table that I have included book holders of varying prices and types to suit everyone’s needs and budgets. I will describe them in detail below highlighting their top features.

Book Stand, RAINBEAN Book Holder Adjustable Height...
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Book Stand, RAINBEAN Book Holder Adjustable Height…
  • 📖 【Book Rest for Reading Hands Free】Made of premium aluminum alloy. Its lightweight design can be taken everywhere for Reading & Working. book stand has 2 flexible and strong paper clips to keep your book widely open. Easy to turn pages while the soft rubber tips prevent damage from paper.
  • 📖 【Multi Heights & Angles to Relax 】 Adjustable Book Holder designed with different angles and heights allow promoting proper posture for better spinal health. You can adjust the angles & heights to find a comfortable position.Ergonomic book holder stand eliminates eyes, necks, shoulder and back fatigue or pain. Keep your Kids with a Better Posture when studying.Meanwhile increasing your concentration and reading hours improve learning efficiency.
  • 📖 【Wide USE 】 Our multi-functional cookbook stand fits for any Regular or Thick books/cookboods/recipes/paperbacks/magazines,documents, painting papers, sheet music, iPad/phone and laptops, etc. It support people who need Studying/Working for a long time, like Students or Office Workers.
  • 📖 【Convenient to Store & Carry 】 Book reading stands’ collapsible size is 15″ x 10″ x 1.5″. Its foldable design fits in a storage box, or you can put it in your bag with your favorite books to read/draw anywhere.
  • 🎁【Perfect Gift】It can be used at home, school, office, library, kitchen, indoor and even in the outdoors. Offer our beautiful book holder as a Christmas, New Year, birthday, ,Mother’s Day, wedding to your lover. RAINBEAN Book stand well be the perfect gift.

The RAINBEAN book holder is a portable stand that can be used on the bed or on the couch. With adjustable height and surface angle, this book stand will provide the best reading angle for you when you are lying down. With two clips to hold pages in place, pages are easy to turn and are protected by soft rubber tips. 

Peeramid Bookrest - Book Holder Stand for Hands...
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Peeramid Bookrest – Book Holder Stand for Hands…
  • Peeramid uniquely shaped pillow bookrest props a book, tablet, Kindle or iPad at the perfect angle for comfortable hands free reading!
  • Read anywhere! The Peeramid book holder stand lets you read books and e-readers in bed, at a table, desk, in your favorite chair, on the couch, on the floor and more! Can also be used for cook books!
  • Simply placing the book or e-reader into the Peeramid’s ledge allows hands to be free to take notes, eat snacks, drink coffee and truly relax. Also has a built-in bookmark!
  • Designed for readers of all ages! The Peeramid pillow stand is perfect for kids who read on the floor, teens who read in their rooms, college students who read in their dorms, and adults who read in bed or curled up on a chair or sofa.
  • Makes a great gift and is available in a variety of colors and patterns. Polyester Microfiber fabric resists staining. Measures approximately 13 x 13 x 6 inches.
  • Hogwi 62004 (Author)

This book holder made it on our list of the 10 best pillow book holders for a reason! Its unique shape provides the perfect ergonomic angle for reading whilst lying down. An added benefit to a pillow book holder? It’s soft and will make a great pillow when you need one! A firm favourite, this holder comes in a variety of fabrics to fit into anyone’s decor. 

Superior Essentials Portable Book/Document...
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Superior Essentials Portable Book/Document…
  • Bookstand for Eye Level Reading- Great for Books Catalogs etc.
  • Fully Adjustable for reading from any Angle
  • Includes LED Book-light

This book holder is small but can be used on multiple surfaces. It made it on our list of the top 10 book stands for large textbooks for a reason. The Superior Essentials portable book holder is lightweight and adjustable for reading at eye-level. In addition, it comes with a free portable and rechargeable booklight which can be easily clipped on to the book holder for nighttime reading or removed if not in use.

Bathtub Caddy Tray Bath Table with Extending...
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Bathtub Caddy Tray Bath Table with Extending…
  • 【100% Natural Bamboo】This unique bathtub caddy is made of the 100% highest quality bamboo wood. Unique finishing technology ensures the real natural colour as well as excellent tactile experience and durability – clear, waterproof, silken, flawless blotch-free coverage.A protective finish of lacquer ensures long wear, even through thousands of baths. It dries quickly and thoroughly so it is always clean and fresh.
  • 【 Asjuatable】Our bamboo bathtub tray is designed to expand from 29.5” to 43”. Suitable for most bathtubs on the market You just need to manually adjust it to the right length and don’t need any tools.The height adjustable foldable legs transforms easily to a bed tray for the ultimate comfort.
  • 【Holds All Your Stuff】Our bathtub caddy tray comes equipped with rustproof metal book holder that holds tablet and books safely.With a cell phone tray and a built-in wine glass holder allows you to safely bring your smart devices and beverages of choice into the tub without fear of spills or drops.
  • 【Multifuctional Tray】It’s not just a bathtub stand. It can be used as a tablet tray whenever you need it. It can play a powerful role in Bathroom, bedroom, bedside, living room, etc. Its large size & smart expandable design allows for storage of your most items.
  • 【Premier Gift Giving 】 Luxury bathtub caddies are the perfect gift to give a friend or loved one who enjoys a relaxing bubble bath with soothing aromatherapy!

Lying down does not always mean lying in bed or on the couch; some people like to enjoy their books while lying in the bathtub. And that is exactly why I have included the Zicheng book holder on this list. This holder is made of natural bamboo and is expandable which helps it fit any tub. It also includes foldable legs which turn this bathtub tray into a bed tray for you to use whilst reading in bed. It also has a slot for your wine glass, and multiple spaces for storage your phone, snacks and anything else you might need!

HANKEY Bamboo Large Foldable Laptop Notebook Stand...
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HANKEY Bamboo Large Foldable Laptop Notebook Stand…
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL BAMBOO LAPTOP DESK – 100% natural bamboo, environment friendly and sturdy; used for surfing the Internet, eating food, coloring, reading, doing homework on the bed, sofa, recliner, floor, car, etc.
  • ADJUSTABLE DESIGN – Adjustable legs’ length and 5 slots tray tilting angles for better viewing experience
  • HEAT DISSIPATION FUNCTION – Beautiful hollowed out swirl-shaped desktop design for better heat dissipating
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN – Worry-saving Cup-Groove. Small drawer for storing pen, note pad or phone. A stopper prevents your lap from slipping from the desktop
  • PORTABLE LAPTOP DESK – Product Size: 21 5/8”L x 13 3/4”W x 11 3/8”H (55 x 35 x 29 cm). Lightweight and foldable, easy to carry

The Hankey Bamboo Foldable tray is an excellent book and laptop holder whilst in bed. Most of the time it is pictured as being used as a laptop tray. However, it has both adjustable legs and reading slots to provide you with the most comfortable reading angle whilst lying down. 

The Book Seat - Cinnabar Red - The Most...
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The Book Seat – Cinnabar Red – The Most…
  • READefining comfort. Say goodbye to awkward reading positions with the ultimate book holder stand, The Book Seat!
  • Unique shelf with adjustable page holder holds & supports books upright with pages open
  • Versatile & adaptable, The Book Seat adjusts to multiple angles & positions like a beanbag.
  • Read comfortably using it on your lap, sofa arm, desk & in bed.
  • One size fits all! Holds a variety of different sized books, both paperback & hardcovers, even heavy text books.
  • Also works with most tablet devices.

Another one that made it on our other list of 10 best pillow book holders, the Book Seat Book moulds itself and shape to sit at any angle on any surface that you place it on. The Book Seat is designed for standard books but can be used for larger books and magazines. It also contains a handy storage pocket for your bedtime snacks. This book holder also doubles as a travel pillow making it an ideal travel companion.

Adjustable Book Holder and Laptop Stand - Portable...
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Adjustable Book Holder and Laptop Stand – Portable…
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Elevate your reading materials to eye level with this book holder stand that aids in posture correction. Highly versatile and ideal for use as a laptop stand for bed & desk riser with a height ranging from 2 to 21 inches.
  • ERGONOMIC ANGLE ADJUSTMENT: Experience less glare and reduced eye strain with this book stand. The panel rotates 360 degrees and locks every 15 degrees, making it an optimal book holder for reading in bed, or adjustable laptop stand for lap.
  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN: Say goodbye to cluttered desk accessories & workspace organizers. An open bottom design allows for use on your lap and saves space in your home office by providing more room for taking notes or storing your keyboard and mouse.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND STABLE: The premium anodized aluminum 18x10in panel has a weight capacity of 12lbs, so there’s no worrying about the collapsing or wobbling you may have experienced with other comparable book stands and book holders.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: This book display stand is easily set up with the push of a button. It also functions as a cookbook stand, cookbook holder, recipe book holder, textbook stand, and laptop riser.

This reading stand is similar to the RAINBEAN book holder but differs in size. It is larger and as you can see from the picture, this is for reading bed, alone. The rotating platform locks in 15-degree increments from flat to vertical to ensure your materials are held at the most comfortable viewing angle. You will be able to use this book holder not only in bed but all over the house.

LECCO Book Holder Floor Stand (Hands Free...
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LECCO Book Holder Floor Stand (Hands Free…
  • Multi-positional & Height Adjustable.
  • Eye-level Reading With Maximum Comfort.
  • Useful in bed, sofa, armchair, reading cookery books in the kitchen,…
  • Page holders keep page in place to read at any angle. Do not use with books weighing over 4 pounds (2 kg.) with the arm extended till maximum.
  • Barcelona (Catalonia) design. Elegant & functional design to help improve posture.

The LECCO book holder is perfect for reading when lying down. With fully adjustable height and reading position. The book holder hovers above you whilst you are lying down making reading much easier and completely eliminating neck strain. It has wheels which make it easier to move around your home. However, there are some restrictions in terms of book size and weight, so please consider your reading material before purchasing.

This floor stand is completely adjustable making reading whilst lying down an absolute pleasure. You can adjust the height, reading angle and the peg holders for your book pages. The stand is made from high-quality lightweight aluminium and other durable materials and comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

As you can see from the above descriptions, book holders come in all shapes, materials, sizes and prices to suit your reading needs. Reading while lying down will always have some complications if you don’t do it right. You often need to consider position, lighting, material and even whether you are reading a printed book or on an eReader. These are things we only stop to consider once it’s too late and we have already strained our neck, back, arms and eyes. These book holders will change the way you feel about reading in bed or lying down in general. Give them a try, you might be pleasantly surprised! 

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