The Best Books on Self-love that will Make You Start Accepting Yourself

BookSummaryClub Blog The Best Books on Self-love that will Make You Start Accepting Yourself

How much love do you have for yourself? The type of love that enables you to feel safe and secure in who you are and inspires you to make choices that are good for your authentic self. For many of us, self-love is a concept that goes forgotten. We are too busy worrying about everyone and everything else – putting ourselves first, after all, feels selfish. However, there are times when this can become problematic. Lacking self-love leads to insecurities, and insecurities bring about decreased confidence. This inevitably impacts our personal relationships, professional interactions and our daily decisions

So, why do we ignore something that plays such an integral part of our lives? Why do we feel the need to always compare ourselves to others and not embrace ourselves in all our uniqueness? The books in this article will teach you how and why you should love yourself and start accepting yourself to live a better life. So let’s take a look at some of the best books on self-love out there.

Best Books on Self-Love


The Self-Love Experiment by Shannon Kaiser

Discover more about:

  • Self-Love and Self-Acceptance
  • Finding purpose
  • Removing fear-based thoughts

Shannon Kaiser learned the secrets to loving herself, finding purpose, and living a passion-filled life after recovering from eating disorders, drug addictions, corporate burnout, and depression. She takes you through her own personal experiment in this book which becomes a simple guide for the reader to fall in love with themselves and life again. This great journey of self-love and self-acceptance teaches you that change is integral if you wish to live a better life and is our choice of books on self-love.

 📘BOOK #2

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Discover more about:

  • Identifying and changing the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours that stop you from getting what you want.
  • Creating a life you totally love
  • Making money now

Success coach, Jen Sincero, penned this book for readers who wanted to change their lives. It’s an entertaining guide designed to inspire and motivate without letting those around you know what you are up to. It is filled with stories, advice and easy exercises to help you on your journey. By the end of the book, readers will understand why they are how they are, how to love what you can’t change about yourself and how to change what you don’t love. All in all, a hilarious but helpful book which gets you to love yourself easily.

 📘 BOOK #3

Madly in Love with Me by Christine Arylo

Discover more about:

  • Showering yourself with loving words instead of criticism and comparison
  • Choosing situations and relationships that make you happiest.
  • Giving to yourself first without guilt

In this book, author Christine Arylo provides practical, fun ways to explore and embody the 10 branches of self-love every day and in every part of your life. In doing so, readers will not only learn the importance of self-love but will be able to actually experience it. The book further helps readers to discover and explore their deepest desires and how to act on them with courage and conviction. Definitely strong words to get you on the path to self-love and keep you there!

 📘 BOOK #4

Radical Self-Love by Gala Darling

Discover more about:

  • Creating the life you dream about
  • Tools and techniques to start your journey of self-love
  • Self-love, Self-Expression and manifestation 

Much like the first author on this reading list, Gala Darling also wrote this book after years of battling depression, a soul-sucking job and an eating disorder. She wanted to share her learnings with others who were in the same rut. Filled with exercises, tools and techniques to learn to love yourself, this book aims to get readers to rid themselves of expectation and judgement and to start living their best lives. Light-hearted yet informative, the author shares her thoughts on how when you love yourself, you can do anything you want and treat every day like a celebration!

 📘 BOOK #5

Empty Your Cup by Yong Kang Chan

Discover more about:

  • The causes and impacts of low self-esteem
  • How mindfulness can help you love yourself
  • How beliefs are formed

Yong Kang Chan takes a unique approach in this book by getting readers to empty everything they believe about themselves and reconnect with their spiritual self. By getting back to basics and releasing our learned insecurities and fears, readers will be able to stop comparing themselves to others and get a greater sense of self-love and acceptance. The author takes time to explain that one can still be confident and successful yet still have low self-esteem, you just have to learn how to rectify this perception problem. An easy read, this book will teach you how to let go of everything you believe about yourself and learn to love yourself again.

 📘 BOOK #6

I Heart Me by David R. Hamilton

Discover more about:

  • Increasing your own self-worth
  • Attaining a greater sense of happiness and general well-being
  • Creating stronger and more real connections with others

This book, written by scientist, Dr. David Hamilton, was written when he realised his own lack of self-love was hindering him in many ways. He devised an experiment, using himself as the test subject and studied the latest research into brain chemistry, neuroscience, and psychotherapeutic and personal development techniques. His findings led him to the realisation that self-love was as much biology as psychology. Our drive as humans to seek connection leads us to be likeable to others to gain approval. However, brains can be reprogrammed and the author produced 27 exercises which readers can use to increase their self-worth and improve their lives – much like he did.

 📘 BOOK #7

Love Yourself like your life depends on it by Kamal Ravikant

Discover more about:

  • Letting go of fear
  • Learn to love yourself
  • How to make self-love last

Written by the author after his company failed, this book literally saved his life. Kamal Ravikant shares his story about how he stepped through his fears to share his truth with the world. He also includes answers to questions he received over the years to help readers understand how to achieve lasting self-love. Practical advice, with a personal touch, this book is definitely one of the best books on self-love.

 📘 BOOK #8

Tiny Buddha’s guide to Loving Yourself by Lori Deschene

Discover more about:

  • Discovering self-love
  • Insightful observations about our shared struggles and how to overcome them
  • Overcoming critical, self-judging thoughts to create a peaceful, empowered life.

This book is all about learning to practice gratitude and positive thinking in order to achieve the self-love we all yearn for. The author describes how we are all harsh judges of ourselves and our actions and provides 40 unique perspectives and insights to help the reader stop this. The great thing about this book is that the insights included are from people who are on their journey to self-love, so their reflections help readers identify with them and learn from them. 

 📘 BOOK #9

The Path to Loving Yourself by Dr. Jessica Kerzner

Discover more about:

  • Tools to correct behaviours that lead to low self-love
  • Highlight the positive patterns to put in place
  • The meaning of love, the connection with loving yourself and your capacity to love others

Motivational speaker, trainer and author, Dr. Jessica Kerzner, brings readers this hilarious book about self-love. Although filled with humour, this book provides practical tools for readers to use every day to fall in love with themselves. From highlighting the positive patterns you should adopt to identifying negative relationships, this book has something for everyone to learn. The author uses her years of experience to make this book approachable and easy to follow, allowing the reader to be optimistic in their journey to self-love. 

 📘 BOOK #10

The Self-Love Workbook by Shainna Ali

Discover more about:

  • Self-Love and seeing your true self
  • Having the freedom and confidence to live your life
  • Conquering self-doubt and self-sabotage

This workbook helps readers to become aware of their own unique needs and goals while discovering how to better accept and love your true self. It includes a variety of constructive and actionable tips which can be applied to your daily life. In doing so, the author shows how you can transform your attitude, emotions and ultimately, your outlook on life. 

In conclusion, these books on self-love are a great addition to your library. Self-love allows you not only to see your true self but to truly accept who you are. This not only makes your life better but also influences the people around you. Imagine how amazing it would be if everyone learned to love themselves? It would truly change the world and our perspectives. Many industries use our lack of self-love to their advantage, getting us to always want more – like we are never enough. Maybe it’s time we learned to turn the tables and love ourselves instead. We have the ability to achieve so much more if we did. So, what are you waiting for? Go get one of these books and start your journey to self-love and a better life right now!

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