The Best Romance Book Series That You’ll Love

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If you like romance, then this is the article for you! Romance novels have evolved over the years to provide surprisingly complex storylines and characters.  One book is often not enough when it comes to romance, which is why book series provides readers with binge-worthy opportunities. With something for absolutely everyone, there are many more romantic book series than you could ever imagine. Book series like Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey introduced a whole new generation of book series which became a worldwide sensation. They showed writers the potential that this genre has. So let’s take a look at some of the best romance book series available that will take you on an unexpected journey!

Best Romantic Book Series

Romantic Suspense 

 📘 BOOK #1

I Can See You by Karen Rose

Why you should read this series:

  • Gripping storylines
  • Not just a simple romance
  • Themes of romance, suspense, crime, action and technology

New York Times best-selling author Karen Rose brings readers this suspense-filled novel in which the virtual world and everyday reality collides. After being assaulted and physically scarred, the main character, Eve Wilson used to escape the real world and spend endless hours online where she could choose the face that people saw. Years later, she escaped her online addiction and hopes to help others do the same. When her research into online communities leads to her test subjects ending up dead, homicide detective Noah Webster takes on Eve’s help to find the killer. This is just one book in Karen Rose’s series. Each one has different characters and storylines but is equally gripping, with a romantic theme.

 📘 BOOK #2

Without A Trace: The Rock Harbor Series by Colleen Coble

Why you should read this series:

  • Intriguing mystery series
  • Multiple storylines with breathtaking descriptions
  • Excellent writing, easy-to-read and addictive

Colleen Coble’s Rock Harbor Series is a firm favorite amongst readers and listeners. Centered around a woman’s search for her husband and son after a plane crash, the book provides interesting storylines and beautiful descriptions of the wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The Rock Harbor novels draw readers into the life and adventures of a canine search-and-rescue team as it unravels the secrets of an enchanting wilderness. Filled with multiple stories, the reader is taken on the journey to where they will ultimately collide. Currently, there are five books in the series which can be read on their own but together make for a good binge session.

Romantic Comedy

 📘 BOOK #3

Just a Name by Becky Monson

Why you should read this series:

  • Funny, endearing characters
  • Romantic comedy at it’s best
  • Lessons about perfectionism

This book is part of the “Just a” series by Beck Monson. In this book, Holly Murphy’s perfectly planned life comes crashing down when her fiancé dumps her. Forced to take a vacation by her boss, Holly’s best friend Quinn comes up with an idea to find someone with the same name as her ex-fiancé to go with her on her planned honeymoon. A nation-wide search continues against her wishes and her journey begins. What will perfectly planned Holly learn on this trip? 

Historical Romance

 📘 BOOK #4

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Why you should read this series:

  • Beautifully written with real moments in history
  • Gripping storylines
  • Themes of magic, mystery, history, war and romance

If you know about the TV series that this book series spawned, then no further description is necessary. However, if you somehow have not heard about it, Outlander is a historical romance based in Scotland. Split between 1743 and 1945, the book follows Claire Randall as she stumbles upon an ancient stone ruin whilst on holiday with her husband and is transported back in time to Scotland in 1743. There she comes across James Fraser and the Clan MacKenzie who take her on an incredible journey. Will Claire find her way back home, to her time and husband or will she be stuck in the past with the handsome Scotsman?

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

 📘 BOOK #5

Midnight Labyrinth by Elizabeth Hunter

Why you should read this series:

  • Action-packed story
  • A fantasy world with humans and vampires
  • Intriguing story-line with loveable characters

This is the first book in the Elemental Legacy Series by Elizabeth Hunter. The series follows Benjamin Vecchio and his vampire partner, Tenzin, who move back to New York to start and antiquities business. Raised by vampire assassins, Ben is no stranger to the dangers and politics of the vampire underworld. Together with Tenzin, he goes in search of a lost painting from the second world war. Where will the pursuit lead them and will they be able to handle it?

These romantic book series will allow you to envelope yourself in new places surrounded by endearing characters. We tried to include various genres within the romantic theme so that you can find something which tickles your fancy. This may be some of the best romance book series available but by no means the only ones to try. Audible provides tons more for you to enjoy! Be sure to check them out.

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