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Iseli Franziska: The Courage Map

The Lowdown: This summary of The Courage Map is based on the book written by Iseli Franziska and delves into the idea of how you can change your life from ordinary into extraordinary.

Franziska had a fortunate opportunity to ride a motorcycle across not only a country, but across the world.  During this time, she had time to think about many different aspects of life.  This includes the question which has perplexed many scholars; How does one find courage?

The Courage Map is a book which explores 13 different statements about courage.  These 13 statements allow you to pick and choose which aspects of courage you struggle with the most.  Each of these statements guide you into a deeper thought process, so you can identify what is preventing you from being courageous, which will help your life go from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Courage Map: 13 Principles for Living Boldly
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The Courage Map: 13 Principles for Living Boldly
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Franziska Iseli (Author) – Emmanuel Alejandro (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 10/13/2020 (Publication Date) – TCK Publishing (Publisher)

Three of the Main Lessons you will learn from The Courage Map include:

  1. Courage is the most important life skill you can learn
  2. How to expand your courage step-by-step
  3. Courage will draw others to you

Lesson One: Courage is the most important life skill you can learn

One of the common themes within the book is “you are the author of your story”.  In simple terms, it means that we choose to live the life we do, and at anytime we can choose to have our life go in a different trajectory.  There are always pros and cons of this, but the statement is still valid – You, and nobody else, is the author of your story. 

This is why courage is such a key part of life.  If you want to live an ordinary life, one where you settle and don’t reach your full potential, then you can start having others write your story and you can live life in a monotonous way.  If you want to lead a life which has some adventure in it, then you will need to develop the skill which makes you more courageous.  There is a difference between being reckless and courageous, and the best way to learn this is to develop this skill.  And yes, courage is something which can be harnessed and developed.

Lesson Two: How to expand your courage step-by-step

Once you have decided that it is possible to develop courage within yourself, you will need a map to show you the right steps to take in order to make this happen.  Without a map you will continue to wonder, and while there can be joy found within this adventure, it often will not lead you on a path of being more courageous. 

Some of the steps along the path include:

Understanding that your beliefs influence your actions – Everyone has a core set of beliefs, and these beliefs heavily influence us daily.  This includes who we talk to, what we eat for lunch, which websites we visit.  Once you come to understand this, you can start to re-shape your beliefs and therefore your actions.

Your actions shape your habits – Once you start changing your beliefs, your actions will start to change.  Once this happens, you will be developing new and exciting habits.  New habits cannot start without new actions, which is why it is the 2nd step of the overhaul of your new journey towards being more courageous.

Your habits determine your results – This seems pretty simple in writing, but is much harder to implement in day to day life  You can’t have new results without having new habits, and you can’t have new habits without having new actions, and you can’t take new actions without new beliefs.  You cannot go from New Beliefs to New Results; it is a process.  Once you take the deep dive into your own psyche, you can start to build a new life.

Lesson Three: Courage will Draw Others to You

Once you start seeing new results, others will start to notice changes within you as well.  Some people might be intimidated and will back away due to this, but a vast majority of people will be drawn to you.  If you think about your own life, you can certainly think of a few individuals who have a magnetic personality who just draw you into life and give you a sense of wonder.

That person can be you!

People are drawn to other people who are taking positive steps and who are performing at a high level.  Not many people want to be around the same person who is doing the same thing they were 5 years ago.  If you find yourself in a rut, or found yourself settling for the way things are, you can change.  Even if this causes you to explore ideas outside of your comfort zone, your life will be better, and in turn, those lives you interact with you daily will also be better because you are choosing a different path in life.

My Personal Takeaway

There are many aspects of life which can be explored and developed.  I had never thought about Courage being one of these aspects.  However, Franziska makes a compelling argument concerning not only developing this skill, but how having a greater amount of courage can have a positive impact on not only my life, but the lives of those whom I am closest to.

Put into Action

Start taking intentional time out of my day and week to start evaluating my level of courage.  I need to examine different opportunities where I could have taken a certain action and evaluate if I had the proper amount of courage or not.  If not, then I will start with step one, which is understanding my beliefs, and see if those are still what I believe, or if they need to be changed in order to lead a better life.

You should consider buying this book if …

You want to discover how much courage you have, and from this, learn how to develop even more courage so you can lead a life which is extraordinary.

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