Step-By-Step Guide To Finding The Best Websites To Read Light Novels For Free in 2023

BookSummaryClub Blog Step-By-Step Guide To Finding The Best Websites To Read Light Novels For Free in 2023

If you enjoy reading light novels online, chances are you’re always looking for the best site to read light novels for free. It’s possible to still enjoy your favorite light novel books without breaking the bank. I know you have questions like, how possible is that? 

Do these websites offer translated light novels? The answer is yes! It’s 100 percent possible, and you are at the right place. Because in this article,  we’ll be exploring those websites where you can read light novels for free. 

Light novels are well-known forms of fiction stories enjoyed by millions of readers across the globe. Both young adults can enjoy their favorite light novels online for free. So, keep reading if this looks like what you’re looking for. 

Also, we’ll introduce to you the best websites to read your favorite light novels, translated light novels, Korean light novels, Japanese Light novels, etc.

So, If you want to enjoy all the light novel latest releases and new book updates, dive in immediately. But before that, let’s check out the meaning of light novels in detail.

What Are Light Novels?

Light novels are types of Japanese prose fiction that are primarily written for young adults and teenagers. This is a type of novel that is characterized using plain language as well as a fast-paced plot. 

Light novels are illustrated in manga style and anime, so anime fans can enjoy it without missing out on many things. It mainly features elements of Sci-fi and romance. 

Light novels often come in at least 50,000 words, more than manga novels. The audience is usually middle school students; adults are not left out.

In Japan, they are widely acknowledged, and not just that; they are now a worldwide hit. Some of it has been converted into comic books, anime, and video games that people enjoy watching globally. 

How Do I Find Where To Read Light Novels For Free? 

Finding websites to read light novels for free is pretty simple. All you have to do is, follow through with everything we’ll discuss below to make an informed decision the next time you want to read light novels online. 

However, before we continue, you can check out for all your male and female lead stories that include:

  • Romance.
  • Teen stories. 
  • Sci-fi.
  • History. 
  • Sports.
  • Actions. 
  • Horror.

The 7 Best Websites to Read Light Novels For Free

The following websites allow readers to read light novels without making any payment. All you have to do is sign up and make a selection of different light novels of your choice.

⭐️ Most recommended: ⭐️

Webnovel CTA Box
Our choice: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Discover an exciting world of stories at! Their apps for Android and iPhone lets you enjoy a wide range of genres, captivating characters, and thrilling adventures on the go. It takes 2 minutes to get started and it’s free!

>> Try Webnovel now 😍 <<

First off, let’s talk about the user interface. Trust me, you won’t find anything as slick and easy-to-use as The design is sleek, and the layout is so intuitive that I felt right at home from the get-go. Navigating through the site is a breeze, which means more time for the juicy stories. It’s like they’ve tailored it to fit my reading needs – total game-changer!

And speaking of the amount of novels, oh boy, the selection here is mind-boggling! Whatever genre floats your boat, they’ve got it. From heart-pounding action to heartwarming romance and everything in between – I’ve never seen such a vast collection of web novels in one place. Kudos to their team for curating a library filled with hidden gems and renowned authors.

But wait, it doesn’t end there. The best part of is its thriving community. Seriously, guys, it’s like a virtual family of passionate readers and writers. The comment sections and forums are buzzing with discussions, fan theories, and camaraderie.


WuxiaWorld is a popular website where you can read light novels online for free. Although the website has not existed for too long, it has gained so much popularity across the market with numerous community members who use WuxiaWorld light novels’ extensive library. 

The website aims at introducing more Asian fiction into western communities, which distinguishes them from other community members. It ensures that webbooks are accessible to everyone for free with simple registration steps. 

Also, WuxiaWorld’s website is unique in that it is more focused on promoting Korean and Chinese light novels, unlike other sites. It has a top-notch user interface. WuxiaWorld is the best place to begin your reading journey if you are an avid reader of Asian light novels. 

Let’s not forget that this website provides access to the best Chinese-to-English light novel translation available to millions of readers across the globe with no fee attached. Also,  they are more about quality than quantity and should be your go-to for all Chinese-translated light novel stories. is a platform that began as a collection of Asian fanfiction translated into the native language. Its primary focus is on Korean, and Japanese fiction, etc. 

The platform offers extensive access to publications from newbies and experienced authors. also has non-complicated, intuitive, and user-friendly search features. So, If you’re searching for any specific genre, translated light novels, or an author’s name or title, you must type the keywords into the search bar to see the results. You can also select from the hottest trends “hot works of fiction” from the previous day, week, or month.


If you’re a light novel enthusiast and haven’t encountered one of the oldest and time-honored light novel platforms on the internet, you are leaving a vast extraordinary reading experience behind. 

Baka Tsuki is the biggest and best light novel translation platform in the internet space. It majors in English language light novels with constant updates of new books in its huge library. 

One of the best things about Baka Tsuki is that it makes many famous and definitive titles available to its community members with no fee attachment. This Is made possible because the community members contribute to all their translations. 

It may interest you also to know that as a community member of Baka Tsuki, you are allowed to submit your own translation. This distinguishes it from other community members and has all its light novels in WIKI FORMAT. 

BakaReader EX.

BakaReader EX is an app for reading light novel translations from BaKa-Tsuki Website. This site enables you to download free light novels and read them offline when it’s convenient for you. 

Again, it provides numerous other features, including downloading an entire novel, a bookmark feature for countless new books, and keeping track of your favorite latest releases and other popular light novels. 

When using BakaReader EX, you can visit the Baka-Tsuki forum to enable you access to other languages. 

Armaell’s Library.

Armaell’s Library is an online fanfiction website that was created in 2015. Although it’s still a budding website, it is already making waves due to its unique features. Armaell’a library has a huge collection of fanfiction across various genres. 

It has a community where readers can discuss their favorite books, and writers also share their next favorite books. You can use an epub reader, which enables you to open any book downloaded from the website. 

Armaell’s library offers you the best reading experience if you enjoy using an e-reader when reading light novels. You can also get fantastic recommendations based on your previous read choices. 

The website also makes suggestions to the community members searching for books using their previous downloads as a base, making it easy to select new books to read for free. 

Novel Archive.

When you’re looking for websites where you can read light novels for free, Novel Archive Is one of the websites that tops the list. It’s among the most well-known sites that allow readers to read light novels in English translations completely free. 

If you desire, Using the Novel Archive website to read your favorite light novel is far better than other websites because its translations into the English language are pretty fast. Also, you can enjoy reading other multiple languages of your choice.  

When using novel archive sites to read light novels, you are given access to explore many famous titles ranging from early 90 classics to their light novels’ latest releases. It has a top-notch user-friendly interface that allows readers to navigate the Novel Archive website easily. 

You can search for your favorite novels by typing its title or description tags. Reading through books on this website is fun because you can choose the font size of your choice, and there is an audio feature you can also explore. 

Novel Updates. 

When checking through the internet for where to read light novels and you come across novel updates, note that it’s pretty different from other light novel sites you know. 

Novel Update provides links to other site extensions where you can read or download your next favorite light novel. 

Avid readers can always leverage Novel Updates by registering and downloading the app on their PC or mobile phones or reading directly on the web, as it enables them to bookmark their favorite and latest releases. Amazingly,  it’s possible to track your reading list using this website. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is Kureha One a Free Light Novel Website?

No, Kureha One is not a free light novels website. It is a bookstore established in Japan that provides readers access to different translated light novels. 

Kureha One also offers shipping services to customers outside Japan, and you can order your Chinese light novels and Novels translated into other Asian countries languages. 

Readers can also access a physical copy of their favorite light novel at Kureha One. Kureha One also has a website, not just a physical bookshop. 

Q: Can adults read light novels?

Light novels originated from Japan and are translated into native English and other Asian languages. They are centered around young adults. However, some of the stories are targeted at adults

Q: What websites Should I Use To Read Light Novels For Free?

As extensively discussed above, here is a list of free websites to visit whenever you want to read light novels: 

  • Armaell’s library 
  • Novel Archive 
  • Wuxia World 
  • Baka-Tsuki 
  • Novel Update 
  • BakaReader Ex 

Q: Is it okay to read light novels?

Yes, it’s okay to read light novels as long as the book is exciting and engaging. Even though some prefer reading manga stories or watching anime,  that doesn’t prevent light novels from being incredible reads.

Q: What Are The Translated Light Novels? 

Translated light novels are known as Japanese novels that have undergone strict translation processes into different translations such as Asian-translated light novels, Korean light novels, native language light novels, and other translated novels. 

Q: Can I Read Light Novels On Amazon Kindle For Free? 

There are some websites where you can read light novels for free on Amazon kindle. But the majority of the light novels on Amazon Kindle are not for free. You have to make payments before you are given access to most of the native-language light novels and translated light on Amazon Kindle.

On a Final Note:

We have extensively discussed the free websites where you can read light novels; they are pretty simple to navigate. You can access all the sites mentioned here for free.  

Remember that they all offer unique features and have different user interfaces. You can also download love light novels, download new books to your phone and read them later using the website extension. 

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