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Dr. Norman Peale has his own theory of positive thinking that has changed the lives of many people. In his book, You Can if You Think You Can he gives success stories of many men and women who have changed their lives by adopting his philosophy. The book focuses on using your inner power to overcome almost any obstacle that life will throw at you. 

Dr. Norman is known for many best-selling classics, and this is definitely one-page turner you want to read and reread. In this, You Can if You Think You Can summary we highlight his philosophy as given in the book and how you can use it in your life to overcome just about anything. 

The Persistence Principle: It’s Always Too Soon to Quit – the one principle that you should always have when being faced by a problem is never to quit. Giving up as Dr. Norman states is inviting complete defeat. When you give up you invite a ‘defeat’ mindset in your life. Instead, find different ways of approaching the problem and keep changing the tactics until you have overcome it. To develop an attitude of not quitting you should never talk defeat to yourself. 

You Can If You Think You Can
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You Can If You Think You Can
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (Author) – John Bedford Lloyd, Katheryn Allen Berlandi – introduction (Narrators)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 03/08/2022 (Publication Date) – Simon & Schuster Audio (Publisher)

So What’s Your Problem? You Can Handle it – “Every problem contains the seed of its own solution.” This means that every problem that comes your way comes with its own solution. You can, therefore, be able to handle any problem that comes provided you think you can. Struggle as he puts it is what makes strong people and thus when a problem comes your way view it as a challenge to make you stronger.

Uptight? Tense? How to Cool it and Relax – to be able to face your problems with a sober mind then it is imperative that you release all tension in your mind. You can get your mind to tranquility by passing peaceful words and thoughts in your mind. This will help you to relax and tackle problems without being too emotionally attached and distracted. 

Motivation That Really Motivates – self-motivation is really important if you want to make it through your problems. Without motivation, you will not be able to persist through difficulties. There are many things you can draw your motivation from around you. 

Keep on Believing in Yourself – Have Confidence – confidence will ensure that you are able to face your problems and the world with boldness. You have everything that you need inside of you to face life, therefore, go out with confidence each day and tackle things boldly. 

You Can if You Think You Can – this chapter is all about changing your mindset to that of you can achieve anything provided you think it. You also have to believe your thoughts for them to become true since when you believe you face whatever it is with great persuasion and 

What Are You Afraid of? Forget it – fear is what causes many people not to approach problems with confidence especially the fear of failure. You should identify the doubt that you have and forget about it. Fear will make you think that the status quo is better than the results you would get when you face your problems. Fear places a barrier between you and success; therefore when you remove fear success becomes imminent. 

Expect a Miracle – Make Miracles Happen – it is essential to recognize that sometimes miracles do happen. However, they only occur when you have done your part. Do everything you need to do, and miracles will keep happening to you.

Never Think of Failing – You Don’t Need To – when you think of failing you limit your mind to the many available solutions to your problems. You do not have to think about failure because failure doesn’t have to be part of the solution. Think of all the ways that you can get the results that you need, and you will see that failure never has to be the answer to any of your problems.

All The Resources You Need Are in Your Mind – everything that you need to achieve greatness and to tackle problems that you have is in your mind. When you remove all the distractions blocking you from seeing the solutions, then things become easy. Your mind is a great resource that can do more than it is given credit for. Free your mind so that it is able to wander wide and deep and you will get the solutions you need. 

Ways to Foster Health, Vitality, Aliveness – in this chapter Dr. Norman discusses ways in which you can live a healthy and full life. He provides techniques, exercises, and other solutions that can help to bring health and vitality, so you never feel like life is wearing you down. 

Ease Up! Have a Sense of Humor – if you take everything too seriously, then you will never be happy. You do not have to get through life sad and gloomy all the time to be successful. Look at the other side of life and get through being happy. 

What I Love About The Book

This book uses real-life experiences of people of all walks of life that have gone through the philosophical teaching of Dr. Vincent Peale. It is, therefore, a book filled with dramatic and heartwarming stories that will definitely inspire you to overcome whatever you are facing. 

The book is well written and packed with informative quotes and punches of wisdom every so often. The book is a classic having been written a long time ago, but the principles are still very relevant today because they are psychological. 

Why You Should Read The Book

Problems and struggles are part of life but what matters is how you face them when they come. In You Can, if You Think You Can, Dr. Norman gives strategies that you can use to overcome problems when they arise. This book will help you to recognize problems as challenges that you need to overcome and get the confidence to tackle them with ease.

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