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Ever heard of where it is written that you must be an expert chess player before you can play the game of chess and win? No, it doesn’t work that way but one can always learn to become better and even an expert in playing chess through consistent practice and reading the best books about chess. These Books are written by top and genius chess players who, through experience, penned excellent tips and tricks to become better chess players.

Do you want to become a genius in the game of chess? If you answer yes, then you need to add aggression and tactical prowess to your game, by selecting a classic chess book written by people who have attained chess mastery and will do the magic. Come with us as we show you the seven best books about chess that will blow your mind.

1•   “Life and Games of Mikhail Tal” By Mikhail Tal 

The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal
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The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Tal,mikhail (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 536 Pages – 07/15/1976 (Publication Date) – R H M Press (Publisher)

Through this book, Life and Games of Mikhail Tal, the world-class chess game player Mikhail Tal shared his experience in a fun manner. He shared his unique playing style and how readers can become better players and smash every game they participate in. Do you desire to put in fierceness and prowess each time you play a chess game? Get this book and become a legend. Again, this book will help you improve your attacking abilities when playing chess.

2•    “Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess” By Bobby Fischer, Stuart Margulies and Don Mosenfelder

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
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Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
  • Bantam, A great option for a Book Lover
  • Must try for a book lover
  • Compact for travelling
  • Fischer, Bobby (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 352 Pages – 07/01/1982 (Publication Date) – Bantam (Publisher)

Learning how to become a better chess player can be easy with this book, Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess by Bobby Fischer, Stuart Margulies, and Don Mosenfelder. The authors poured their years of experience as chess players into this book, making it one of the best chess books ever. 

Also, this classic chess book is not only for beginners but for advanced players. This chess book can also be regarded as an advanced book for all strong players out there. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess is highly recommended if you want to improve your chess skills.

3•    “Grandmaster Preparations” By Jacob Aagaard

Grandmaster Preparation: Calculation
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Grandmaster Preparation: Calculation
  • Aagaard, Jacob (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 304 Pages – 06/04/2013 (Publication Date) – Quality Chess (Publisher)

If you want to read a book on chess by a professional chess player, this book, Grandmaster Preparations, should be your go-to. It’s for both amateur’s mind and advanced players. Jacob Aagaard took his time to pen down this masterpiece. This series comprises all the essential tips, tricks, and hints you need to play chess and win your opponent. Go ahead and purchase it. It’s worth every dollar and time.

4•   Zurich International Chess Tournament, 1953 by David Bronstein

Zurich International Chess Tournament, 1953 (Dover Chess)
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Zurich International Chess Tournament, 1953 (Dover Chess)
  • Bronstein, David (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 384 Pages – 07/01/1979 (Publication Date) – Dover Publications (Publisher)

Zurich International Chess Tournament, 1953 was written by David Bronstein and teaches chess players the psychological and strategic aspects of each game. David Bronstein In this work, Zurich International Chess Tournament, 1953 explores the participants of the  Tournament, which prepared players for Mikhail Botvinnik’s 1954 world championship, which is still the most successful. 

This was a masterfully written and exquisitely documented picture of the best chess players at the time. When combined, this becomes a timeless masterpiece. Bronstein wrote and annotated this book for players and their average audience of 115–200. It’s a fantastic and easy to understand book that discusses chess history. 

5•    Silman’s Complete Endgame Course: From Beginner To Master by Jeremy

Silman's Complete Endgame Course: From Beginner to Master
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Silman’s Complete Endgame Course: From Beginner to Master
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Silman, Jeremy (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 530 Pages – 11/01/2006 (Publication Date) – Siles Press (Publisher)

Jeremy Silman’s book on chess, Silman’s Complete Endgame Course: From Beginner to Master, is one of the best books on chess that is highly recommended. The fundamental idea of Silman’s widely recognized endgame book is that players should only learn the endgames necessary for their current skill level. It’s simple to become caught down in learning complicated endgames you hardly ever come across while playing chess.

In this book, he looked into highly technical rook-and-pawn endgames that are generally not the best use of your time if you are a player with 1300 strength. If endgames are your thing, then that’s all well and good. However, if you want to improve as a chess player, you should understand some fundamental endgame strategies you will likely face in your games. You can learn all you need to know by using the fundamentals, examples, and directions provided by Silman’s work! 

6•     “Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual By Mark Dyvoretsky

Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual
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Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual
  • Dvoretsky, Mark (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 424 Pages – 12/15/2014 (Publication Date) – Russell Enterprises, Inc. (Publisher)

“Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual” is one of the highly praised chess books written by Mark Dvoretsky. GrandMasters of chess games recognize and talk about this book often. You should use it to sharpen your chess playing skills because there is usually something new and unique to learn from it. It also offers strategic ideas to players of all skill levels. So, you should grab it right away.

7•   “Endgame Strategy” By Mikhail Shereshevsky

Endgame Strategy
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Endgame Strategy
  • Shereshevsky, Mikhail (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 480 Pages – 06/30/2022 (Publication Date) – New In Chess (Publisher)

“Endgame Strategy” is a chess book written by Mikhail Shereshevsky that digs deep into the problems of endgames, stressing the shift from the middlegame to the endgame and the importance of strategic principles in guiding endgame decisions. The book covers outposts, pawn structure, piece activity, and king safety in the endgame context. Shereshevsky used numerous illustrative games and positions to convey these concepts, offering practical insights that players can apply in their games. 

Also, let’s take a look at some of the questions we get often from our audiences:

What Are the Best Books For Learning Chess?

The best books for learning are as follows:

  • My System by Aaron Nimzowitsch, 
  • Silman’s Complete Endgame Course” by Jeremy Silman,
  • We talked about the book Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess” by Bobby Fischer above, but the essence of repetition is to emphasizes 
  • You shouldn’t leave this book, “The Art of Attack in Chess” by Vladimir Vuković if you want to polish your attacking skills.

What are the Best Chess Opening Books?

The best chess opening books you should try out are:

  • Read “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Chess Openings” written by William Aramil
  • This fantastic and engaging book, Winning Chess Openings” by Yasser Seirawan 
  • Modern Chess Openings” by Nick de Firmian

Wrapping Up

Learning about how to play chess, understanding chess history, attaining chess mastery, moving from an immature mind to an intermediate player, and going straight to becoming one of the world chess greatest players, the books recommended above are what you need. You can defeat psychological struggles and all chess problems and become a world champion if you read books like:

  • Zurich International Chess Tournament
  • Dvoretsky’s endgame manual 
  • Grandmaster preparation series 
  • Amateur’s mind
  • Games of Mikhail Tal
  • 60 memorable games 
  • Reassess your chess 

Learn how to play chess to the point of becoming an expert chess player using the book recommendations in this post. Have a good read!

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