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Structural analysis is the resolution of weight effects on physical properties and their components. Any structure that must endure pressures and loads, such as skyscrapers, bridges, aircraft, ships, and buildings, are subject to this kind of analysis.

Some of the best books and resource works on structural analysis for your coursework, study guides on civil engineering, job interview preparation materials, fundamental concepts, basic principles, etc., are listed below. So, sit still and enjoy the ride through the best books on structural analysis.

Which Books Are Best for Structural Analysis?

There are numerous books on structural analysis, but we’ll briefly discuss three in this post. Take a look at them:

Structural Analysis With the Finite Element Method by Eugenio Oñate

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Structural Analysis with Finite Element Method is ranked in one of the best engineering books in the world and was written by a professor of Civil Engineering department at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain. 

This book is one of the best books put together for university undergraduates who are interested in understanding more about the Finite Element Method of structural analysis (FEM). 

The Finite Element Method of structural analysis is best used when solving differential equations that guide the material’s behavior.

Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis by S.S. Bhavikatti

Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis by [S.S. Bhavikatti]

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The Matrix Method of Structural Analysis is a book by S.S. Bhavikatti that explicitly discusses the stiffness matrix method.

In this book, students can learn how to give computer commands, Nonlinear Analysis, etc. Also, the author specifically had civil engineers, programmers, and those into structural engineering in mind while writing the book.

Analysis of Structures: Strength and Behaviour by T S Thandavamoorthy

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This is a book on the Analysis of Structures that detailed the fundamental concepts, ideas, analytical methods, and the basics of definitions that stand as a starting point for Structural Analysis. 

This book was fundamentally designed with multiple solved examples and clear drawings to give readers a detailed understanding of the subject.

Which Method is Best for Structural Analysis

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There are various Structural Analysis methods, and below are the best ones you can use, but ensure you utilize them based on the type of analysis you want to carry out.

  • Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Finite Difference Method (FDM)
  • Boundary Element Method (BEM)
  • Analytical Method

Which Structural Analysis Software is the Best?

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When searching for the best Structural Analysis software to use, you need to understand that there are numerous ones out there, and the word “best” is personal. However, the software listed below can give you what you need:

  • Tribby3d
  • Strand 7
  • Microstran Structural Engineering Software

How Do You Start a Structural Analysis?

Starting a Structural Analysis is quite simple if you understand how it works. Remember that it is a process of analyzing the behavior of the structures under various weights and conditions. 

So, if you want to carry out a structural analysis, follow everything listed below especially when you want to explore a design:

  • Get all the necessary information concerning the structure 
  • Determine the structural system, which means knowing the structure that suits your actions.
  • Establish the load condition 
  • Ensure that you create a mathematical model of the structure.
  • Analyze the model 
  • Evaluate results 
  • Document all the analysis process


Finally, reading the best books on structural analysis will broaden your knowledge of your craft if you’re into programming and residential and commercial construction. Also, it’s of great use to those into civil and structural engineering designs or students studying structural engineering.

You can also learn basic structural analysis, intermediate structural analysis, and advanced structural analysis. These books mentioned above can help you understand various structural analysis methods and the best ones.

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