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Are you stuck between a legitimate tablet or an excellent e-reader? Are you confused about whether to purchase an iPad or Kindle for reading only? Instead of being whimsical, apply logic to decide which is best for you.

Amazon and Apple have released numerous iterations of their devices, focusing on improving visual quality. The recent models of iPad use an LCD screen with a resolution that surpasses 1080p televisions and Retina displays.

Amazon, on the other hand, improved its Kindle e-reader with the sophisticated Kindle Paper white model. This model boasts a brighter e-ink kindle screen.

With the iPad and Kindle offering easily legible text, your choice for readability depends on how you use the device and your taste. Although the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad have come a long way, one general rule has never changed, which is; iPad is an all-around multi-use device like the iPhone, while Kindle is explicitly for reading. Let’s delve in further.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Between Reading On Ipad Vs. Kindle 

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Below lies the various factors to consider when choosing between an iPad and a Kindle;

1. Budget.

Price is always the most crucial question. It may surprise you to know that the latest iPad will leave a significant dent in your pocket than the newest Kindle, but you might be surprised about what you get for your monthly money worth.

The multifunctional iPad costs over $300, which is still a fair price when you discover its impressive capabilities. Of course, the new Kindle is much kinder in your pocket; it comes in under $100; if you grab one during prime time or Black Friday, you’ll save more.

But when you need to consider the cost of e-books, the Kindle is undoubtedly the clear winner. Kindle books cost $9.99 or less, whereas e-books at apple books cost $15.99 each.

2. Storage.

It’s no surprise that the iPad has more storage than the basic Kindle 32GB compared to the Kindle 8GB. The Kindle can carry up to 5,000, which is a lot if you’re using your device solely for reading; ask yourself, is the extra storage worth it?

3. Battery Life.

The difference in battery life between the iPad vs Kindle is enormous. The iPad can clock in a respectable 10 – 14 hours when charged fully, which is quite impressive for a powerful tablet like that, but it’s got nothing on the Kindle that has long battery life.

The Amazon Kindle can last for 2-3 weeks, which means you can leave your charger at home when going on vacation. Kindle’s lack of various features and simplicity as a good e-reader means it can run much longer on a single charge than its advanced counterpart, the iPad. 

Amazon Kindle – The lightest and most compact Kindle, with extended battery life, adjustable front light, and 16 GB storage – Black
  • The lightest and most compact Kindle, now with a 300 ppi high-resolution display for sharp text and images.
  • Read comfortably with a glare-free, paper-like display. The adjustable front light and dark mode make reading effortless, day and night.
  • Get lost in your story. Tune out messages, emails, and social media with a distraction-free device specifically made for reading.
  • Now with extended battery life – A single charge via USB-C lasts up to 6 weeks.

4. Screen Readability.

The iPad 9.7-inch screen has a LED backlight IPS display that is awesome for viewing colorful images; for example, in online magazines and comics.

If your priorities are full-resolution artwork and graphics, then the iPad is superior. But while the iPad stands strong on resolution, it still lacks the most vital of all, which is the anti-glare feature that the Kindle possesses.

Amazon Kindle paperwhite e ink screen technology & matte display mimic the experience of reading a physical book. It performs excellently well under bright sunlight, thereby lessening eye strain, eliminating glare, and delivering an easy and comfortable great read. 

In contrast, the iPad has a larger screen size, and a backlight LED screen can be dark and overwhelming if you love reading on the beach and also not gentle on the eyes when you choose to read at night. If you love reading for long, the Amazon Kindle is the best option for your eyes. 

Reading On Ipad Vs. Kindle Which Is Better?

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1. Choose An iPad If You Want To Read Textbooks, Illustrations, Or Comics. 

As an avid reader, Kindles are perfect for reading novels; you must set them to the right font size you want. But some problems may start to unveil when you want to read books that contain graphics, illustrations, or tables.

iPad offers excellent graphic-rich books developed for digital use. The iPad retina display brings visuals and colors to life. Illustrated books, magazines, and comics look stunning on the iPad. 

The iPads high-resolution screen enhances reading text making it easy and crisp on the eyes.

2. Choose Kindle If You Want To Focus On Your Reading.

Kindle allows you to do only one thing, and that is reading —no distractions, notifications, or desire to play with apps or switch between apps.

If you want to escape into a world of books, you will love the new Kindle paperwhite.

3. Choose An Ipad  If You Want To Multitask

The Apple iPad is designed mainly for multitasking allowing you to switch between writing notes, reading, and productivity apps effortlessly.

With the addition of the Apple Pencil and intelligent keyboard, iPad has become a powerful tool for professionals and students.

4. Use Kindle To Access A Vast Library

The Amazon Kindle store can boast an extensive library of over 6 million book titles which includes new releases, free classics, and even bestsellers.

Additionally, Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited members have easy access to thousands of magazines, books, and audiobooks at no additional cost. This is a bibliophile’s paradise. 

5. Choose The Kindle If Want To Save More Money.

Kindle devices cater to numerous preferences and budgets.  Kindle has different models for everyone, from the entry-level Kindle to the high-end Kindle Scribe and Oasis. 

Their affordable prices make it easier for readers worldwide to join the reading revolution without overspending. 

Effect Of Reading On An iPad

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1. iPad Is Distracting.

Book readers love concentrating on a book for an extended period. Apple iPads do not offer focus reading. 

Numerous things can distract or disrupt your reading experience on the iPad, like banner prompts or push notifications. It has many apps at your fingertips that may stop you from reading as intended. 

If you notice that your reading pace is slower when trying to read an ebook than a physical book, then the environment of your device is at fault. 

2. iPads Have Blue Light.

While the iPad can facilitate reading, it is also a poor choice for reading at night or outdoors. All e-readers read ebooks to relax; the blue light in our smartphones and tablets screens keeps us alert, making it harder to relax. 

3. Exposure To iPad Can Strain Your Eyes.

This reason is the most notable negative consequence of reading on an iPad. Constant exposure to backlight leads to eyestrain; a lower blinking rate can cause your eyes to be dry or watery.

Aside from these temporary irritations,  it can also incur long-term vision damage. 

All this applies to extended reading, so there’s no need to be alarmed if you read for just an hour per day. Nonetheless, it would help if you avoid eye strain when reading on your iPad. 

How To Prevent Eye Strain While Reading On Your iPad

1. Consciously minimize the low blink of staring at a screen.

2. Avoid environments with high glare from direct sunlight. 

3. Reduce the brightness level on your iPad. If your screen is too bright, it will fill your eyeballs with excess blue light.

4. Schedule breaks every half an hour and looks at greenery, that is if you want to read for an extended period. If there’s no greenery, look away from the screen briefly.

4. Reading On iPad Leads To Neck Pain.

Reading On your iPad can be very bad for your neck because you’re in one position for a long time.

However, this isn’t exclusive to iPad alone, as some e-readers can have the same adverse effect.

The significant difference is emphasized with the Apple iPad because it weighs more than the basic e-reader that offers flexibility in various reading positions.

5. iPad Screens Have Glare.

Sunshine doesn’t reflect off on your iPad screen as on digital paper. Unless you enjoy reading indoors and in the evenings, you won’t find the iPad useful.

When faced with reflected light from direct sunlight, the iPad has a glare that can hurt your eyes and prevent you from reading further. 

One significant advantage of e-readers like the Kindle is that it is better for your eyes; users can take it outside anytime and enjoy their favorite e-book’s just like reading a physical book outside.

Many book lovers love to read their favorite ebook while basking in sunlight; the iPad makes it impossible.

Frequently Asked Questions On Reading On Kindle Vs. iPad. 

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1. Is an e-reader better than an iPad for Reading?

An e-reader like Kindle is way better than an iPad for reading at length, while an iPad is best for shorter reads.  Apple iPad makes reading accessible to casual readers, while the Amazon Kindle facilitates immersive reading.

2. Are Physical Books Better Than Reading An Ipad And Kindle?

Reading a physical book helps with retention and focus, but it’s not as great as it is said to be. A significant amount of reading happens on tablets because people are more convenient reading on an iPad or Kindle.

The iPad is better when you want to read various ranges of books at a short length, while physical books are for reading e-books at length. 

If you do not want to deal with storing, bookmarking, and acquiring a physical book, then it is acceptable to read on your iPad.

Another significant benefit of reading physical books is that they are better for your eyes

3. What Are The Reasons To Purchase An iPad And Kindle? 

For iPad.

  • If you like books with images and you love reading comics. 
  • If you want a multifunctional device. 
  • If you love to take notes while reading.
  • To read to children. 

For Kindle.

  • If you have a budget.
  • If you love reading outside and during the day.
  • If you read for an extended period(excellent battery life)
  • If you’re concerned about your eyes.

Final Thoughts.

Your choice between reading on an iPad and Kindle depends on your preference and budget. 

If you want to invest more and require a multifunctional device, the iPad is best. But if you seek a dedicated e-reader, then the e-reader is a great pick.

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