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You the Healer is an instructional book (what millennials nowadays call DIY) that guides you on how you can completely change your health through the power of your mind. This book is based on the worldwide renowned Silva Method. Jose Silva has been teaching this method since 1966, and therefore you can be sure he is imparting some serious knowledge in this DIY guide book. 

The book contains 40 instructions that you should follow through in 40 days and see your life and that of your family transform right before your eyes. Want to know how you can do all this? You should read the book, but first, this ‘You the Healer’ summary will tell you more about the book and the teachings in it. 

Part one:  The Forty Daily Sessions – this part is about the forty daily sessions you are going to follow. In this part, the author discusses what his method is based on, and he notes that his approach is based on the deep relaxation of the mind. This is not regular relaxation but relaxation that is active. 

“By now, you have realized that the key to the Silva Method is relaxation. But the relaxation taught here is not passive. You will learn to relax actively. Both achieving and using this state of relaxation is an active process. 

By using our minds to relax and then to picture positive images, we are activating the creative role of our brain — a function of the right hemisphere that is seldom fully involved in our thinking.”

The author states that when you are able to get full relaxation of the mind by slowing the alpha waves, you will find that health problems are the easiest to solve because you are in control of the source of health problems. Therefore with your mind, you can be able to control these sources and live disease free. 

Silva believes that to be in control of your body then you must be in control of your mind. He teaches you step by step on how you can become one with your mind and reduce the alpha waves. Why do you need to control the alpha waves? This is what he says about why you should control the alpha 

“Alpha is the key. It takes you away from the objective realm, the physical world, and into the subjective world, the causative or creative realm, the realm that is the source of the physical world. Existing on this level gives you a blissful feeling of being alone within yourself. You are aware of the goings-on of the outside world but not actively in it. You are physically and mentally at ease.”

To start helping yourself to get better health then you have to imagine it. Nothing that exists in this world did begin with imagination. If you imagine yourself as being weak and prone to infections and germs, that will inevitably happen. If however, you imagine yourself as being active, strong and healthy you will inevitably trigger your mind into making your body healthy. 

To make the world a better place you need to diffuse the need for destructive thoughts. Silva notes that only humans can act as co-creators in this world by helping other humans and animals live a better life. To achieve this, you must ensure that your mind is free of destructive thoughts. 

“As each of us thinks creatively rather than destructively, positively rather than negatively, we are the first to benefit by living healthier and longer lives. On the other hand, if we think destructively if we are depressed, if we “put others down,” we are the first to suffer from our opposition to creation. 

We lose our immunity to disease and succumb to tiny germs and viruses. Talk about the punishment fitting the crime! If we think destructively, we destroy ourselves.”

By session 40 which is called “Peace of mind,” you will have become a master at controlling your alpha waves. You can quickly be able to heal yourself from a disease or injury. You have now identified who you really are and the power of your mind and are able to use it to your own benefit and that of others around you.

Part 2: The Silva Vision – in this chapter Silva shares his own intuitive concepts of the future where everyone was able to use both hemispheres of their brains. He shares his personal philosophy and vision. Here are some visions he has in mind;

“Besides our good health, we will see other significant changes as we all learn how to go to alpha and use both brain hemispheres in controlled ways. Everyday business will be far from what we know it to be today. Executives will make use of their activated intuition and clairvoyance to reach accurate business decisions. There will be fewer if any, business failures….” 

“There will be no shortages of natural resources in the world, as we learn to live with what we have. And what we have will become more accessible as we learn to find what we need and recognize alternative resources intuitively. Petroleum engineers and geologists will use their minds to dowse for oil and minerals underground, detecting type, depth, quantity, and quality, and avoiding the expensive misses and dry holes now necessary.”

Part 3: Specific Applications – this section is a quick reference guide on how you can use what you have learned. 

What I Like About The Book

I like that the book is highly actionable. It is actually a DIY book that you immediately put into practice through the 40 day period the course takes. The teaching is simple and easy to follow through, and by the end of the course, you will truly appreciate that the power of your health is in your mind. 

Why You Should Read The Book

This book will immediately change your life. One of the most elusive things to get nowadays is health. People are all over searching on how to be healthy not knowing they have the power right there in the minds. This book will help you achieve health not only for you but for your entire family. It beats logic having to chase health for so long for yourself and have to go through the agony of losing loved ones because of poor health.

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