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Are you finding it difficult to share or convey your ideas effectively? Do you want to become an expert in persuasion and have effortless influence over others? Hurray! 

You’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll be looking at some books on persuasion and influence.

So, sit still as we’ll be riding through the fascinating world of books on persuasion, where words are powerful and can open the way to great achievements. 

Through these books, you’ll learn how to influence people, hone your persuasion skills, win disputes, win friends, improve your own life, and learn more about human behavior. 

If this looks like what you’ve been searching for, dive in deeper and let’s look at six books on persuasion!

What Does Persuasion Mean

Persuasion is the art of trying to transform or change an individual’s mindset, conviction, or behavior—which can be accomplished via the use of either written or spoken words.

On the one hand, it can be seen as a means of achieving personal success, such as in sales or politics, for which it has gained fame. However, you can also use persuasion to enhance both your own life and the lives of those around you. 

In addition, understanding how individuals think and make decisions can help to foster a positive attitude and the drive to accomplish great things.

#1• Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion Robert Cialdini

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Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion is a book written by Robert Cialdini which details the reasons people say yes and various ways to apply this knowledge.

The book, Psychology of Persuasion came from Robert Cialdini’s 35 years of meticulous, evidence-based study as well as his three-year program of research into what motivates people to change their behavior. 

In this book, you will learn the 6 six universal rules and how to apply them to become an effective persuader. A step further into the book, you will discover the various ways to overcome the six universal rules.

The Influence concepts are ideal for people from all walks of life and will push you toward significant personal change and achievement. It will also act as a push to your success.

#2•    48 Laws Of Power By Robert Greene

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48 Laws Of Power was written by Robert Greene. It is a York’s time best seller self-help book that gives guidance on how to earn and maintain power utilizing principles from parables and historical people’s experiences. 

The way a person interacts with others they want to control will determine their level of power. Note that as a powerful person, you must learn to take care of your appearance to gain respect and eliminate skepticism. 

To gain a strategic edge, you must employ selective honesty, misdirection, and an excessive amount of secrecy. Maintaining power depends on timing as well as flexibility, and the 48 Laws Of Power teaches all of this.

Also, mirroring an opponent’s behaviors and restricting an opponent’s possibilities for action are among the many techniques that can be used to gain power. 

The book also discusses how the powerful must also build relationships with audiences by ensuring that he creates spectacles and satisfies their needs to accept the impossible.

#3•    Win Bigly:  Persuasion In A World Where Facts Don’t Matter By Scott Adams

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Win Bigly: Persuasion In A World Where Facts Don’t Matter” is a book written by Scott Adams and was published in 2017. Scott Adams is well known for creating the popular comic strip “Dilbert,” he is also an accomplished writer who has authored many life-transforming books.

Adams discusses the art of persuasion in “Win Bigly,” showing how this technique can be applied successfully in a society where evidence and rational arguments aren’t necessarily the deciding factors in influencing people’s attitudes.

The book primarily focuses on the 2016 United States of America presidential election, and more in particular, Donald Trump’s campaign. 

Scott Adams argues that despite the issues and seeming absence of facts that accompanied Trump’s campaign, his ability to persuade voters significantly contributed to his electoral success.

Win Bigly examines some of Trump’s persuasive strategies, including linguistic framing, repetitions, and psychological appeals. Adams looks at persuasive techniques that are applicable in any situation, including politics, just as he did when he invested in Apple decades ago. 

Win Bigly is a field manual for convincing people in any circumstance—or resisting emotional persuasion whenever it is used on you.

#4•   The Art Of Persuasion: Winning Without Intimidation By Bob Burg 

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The Art Of Persuasion: Winning Without Intimidation is a best-seller self-help book written and published by Bob Burg in 2011. The book helps readers on how to get what they desire and where to find them. 

It’s a fantastic book packed with so many lessons. Bob Burg also observed the numerous traits that the most successful men and women in the contemporary era have in common and discusses them all. 

One quality that shines out above the rest is their capacity to persuade others to adopt their point of view; these men and women were all persuasive. 

Each of these people who succeeded in life did it because they had a strong passion, lots of creative ideas, and complete, unwavering faith in their goal or cause. 

You will discover several winning principles as well. The Art Of Persuasion: Winning Without Intimidation is worth every penny. 

#5• How to Win Friends & Influence People By Dale Carnegie

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How To Win Friends & Influence People is an instant classic book written by Dale Carnegie, and Simon and Schuster published it in 1936. It is a book that was specially written for people who want to be more successful in life and their relationships. 

In this book, Dale Carnegie emphasizes that getting along with others is a skill, not just a gift, and that anyone can develop this skill by being open about their weaknesses and making efforts to get over them.

Considering that it was written in 1936, the book is a little bit dry, but the ideas it discusses are still quite applicable to today’s world. This book is a fantastic place to begin if you want to find out more about how to apply each principle in your daily life. 

You won’t agree with all of the principles in there, and that’s perfectly okay. However, you can pick a couple of the guidelines that will apply to your current circumstances and revisit the list whenever you wish to. 

Over a million people have applied these principles in their everyday life, and it worked.

#6• The Tipping Point By Malcolm Gladwell 

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The Tipping Point is a classic best-seller novel written by Malcolm Gladwell that explores how successes take place at different points in life.  

Gladwell demonstrates how little actions taken at the appropriate time, in the ideal setting, and in the presence of the right people may result in a “tipping point” for a product or business. 

He made use of the science of epidemics for his illustration. In Tipping Point, Malcolm discusses the point at which a domino effect starts, and a demand epidemic spreads through the population like a dangerous disease.  

For instance, Hush Puppies ‘tipped’ in 1993 after a few stylish hipsters from New York, Soho, started repurchasing the stale brand. 

These actions started a domino effect that spread throughout the United States of America, thereby doubling sales and spreading like wildfire through word of mouth.  

Gladwell also shared in the Tipping Point book a straightforward three-step strategy for getting your product to its tipping point using the three fundamental rules of epidemics.

Understanding the causes and dynamics of social epidemics equips readers with useful tools for competing in the market. 

The three epidemics rules simplify the idea of an in-depth knowledge of how the whole thing works. This book is worth every dollar if you’re on the lookout for books on persuasion to read.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Are The Four Persuasion Styles?

There are four persuasion styles which are popularly called persuasion quadrants, and they are directing, inspiring, coaching, and supporting.

What Are The 6 Most Powerful Persuasion Strategies?

Persuasion strategies can differ based on the goals of the person persuading the other. Here are the most recognized and powerful persuasion strategies you should know: reciprocity, social proof, scarcity, authority, likability, and consistency.

What Are The Best Ways To Improve My Persuasion Skills?

The best ways to improve your persuasion skills are by understanding the psychology of persuasion, applying science-based business strategies, use of effective communication techniques, working on brilliant ideas, practicing active listening, and adopting good decision-making processes.

Final Verdict

Lastly, if you’re looking for books on persuasion to read, you can’t afford to leave out any of these fantastic books discussed earlier in this post. 

If you want to learn how to influence people, win friends, understand human behavior, and enhance both personal and professional success, you should click on any of the books above.

Influence and persuasion are what you earn and maintain through having a deeper understanding of power dynamics. 

Successful people know how to influence people’s thoughts. So, if you desire your own success, learn influence and persuasion by reading any of the books on persuasion above.

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