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The Economist is a popular publication that offers informative and insightful articles on various topics. Its availability on Kindle makes it more convenient for highlighting and reading on the go. 

This article will enlighten you on all you need to know about the Kindle version of The Economist and the digital version. 

The Economist 

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The Economist is the source for analyzing the world of business and current affairs, providing authoritative opinion and insight on world politics, international news, finance, business, overviews of cultural trends, special reports on countries and Industries, and science and technology. 

The Economist was established in 1843; it takes a fiercely independent stance on social issues like the legislation of drugs to gay marriage with a major aim to uncover new ideas worldwide.

The Economist Kindle 

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The Economist Kindle contains all the graphics and articles in the print edition but does not include photos.

One of the advantages of the Economist Kindle is that topics on various subjects are delivered to your Kindle wirelessly without inconvenience.

These contents are sent every Friday when the Economist’s print edition hits all the newsstands.  

The Economist Kindle Features 

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1. TQ(Technology Quarterly).

The Economist publishes an important technology report every three months. It is a special section that focuses on recent developments and trends in science and technology. 

The TQ feature is known to intertwine every economic matter with technology. The TQ(technology quarterly) carries a unique theme like cloud storage or quantum computing; it also assembles various articles around a common subject. 

2. Host Writing Competitions.

The Economist sponsors a vast array of writing competitions and offers prizes to the winners throughout the year of its readers. In 2019 during the summer period, the Economist launched a competition called the “Open future writing competition”; it came with a youth essay writing title named “Climate Change.”

During this competition, the Economist accepted a submission from an artificially intelligent (AI) computer writing program. 

3. The Economist Runs Various Opinion Columns.

It has more than six opinion columns whose names reflect the topics; let’s check out a few.


It is named after the buttonwood tree, where all traders from early Wall Street gathered. It was available as an online column up until September 2006 but is now in the print edition. 


It is named after the Banyan Tree and was established in April 2009. This column focuses on numerous issues across the Asian continent. 

Free Exchange(Economics).

This is a general economics column that frequently focuses on academic research. It replaced the column economics focus back in January 2012.


The Economist primarily focuses on world events, politics, symbiotic relationships, and interconnected businesses.

The Economist Kindle offers various contents surrounding technology, arts,  science, and even literature. A prominent defining feature the Kindle e-readers can anticipate is the bi-weekly special report found all over the magazine. 

The significant categories all e-readers gravitate towards are; countries & regions, business, science & technology, and finance & and economics. With a high regard for technology, the Economist takes note of the relationship between technological advancement and humanity’s progression. 

This is one of the significant reasons readers are treated to the TQ (technology quarterly) feature; it offers insight into how modern technological inventions and advancements can efficiently innovate human life. 

Subscriptions – Economist Kindle Vs. Digital 

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The Economist, like other publications, provide numerous value-added features to subscribers but makes rare access to their website free for Ad Revenue and SEO-generating purposes.

Most subscriber features include; full access to commentary and Apps,  full audio podcasts, and full digital access to all the printed content.

The digital subscriptions to access this content happens on The Economist servers; the features served from The Economist servers are matched and delivered to subscribers.

Kindle delivery infrastructure has a separate server, transfers, and user database protocol fully independent of The Economist. 

When a user sign-up as a digital subscriber at, they get up to 100% of the $120; from a Kindle subscription, they receive only $84 out of the $120 retail price on Amazon. 

Economists make subscriptions on Kindle available to a few subscribers who may have a whisper-synced copy formatted just like the print edition on their Kindle. 

How To Subscribe On Economist Kindle

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The Economist Kindle is an important publication for CEO of freelancers, but the subscription is quite expensive. Let’s show you another alternative; 

Once you install the Kindle app on your mobile device, you get a free monthly subscription which is four(4) issues of the Economist Kindle edition. 

You can choose to continue for additional three months, and this costs approximately $25, which is a long time to get a taste of the excellent journalism fully. 

Remember to unsubscribe through Amazon if you discontinue the paid subscription, i.e., after your first free month. 

Is The Economist Available On Kindle?

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Yes, it is available on Kindle. Kindle users can subscribe to The Economist on Amazon and also receive the magazine in Amazon Kindle format.  

One significant benefit of reading The Economist on Kindle is that you can make notes and highlight directly in the text; all of it will be saved instantly to your Kindle app or device.

Read wise or Export your Kindle highlights are third-party services you will use to sync your notes and highlight. 

These services will automatically import all your Kindle notes & highlights and synchronize them with a note-taking app like Google Drive or Evernote, i.e., if it supports the Kindle format. 

Economist Digital

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This aspect of The Economist offers in-depth opinion and worldwide analysis with complete digital access. The Economist digital version provides a weekly digital edition with only online articles, podcasts, narrated stories, magazine subscriptions, and specialist newsletters. 

Furthermore, it offers curated analysis with over 100 articles weekly. Additional features the Economist digital copy offers include;

1. In-depth analysis.

It sharpens your understanding and helps you gain clarity on significant topics that matters to you.

2. Expand Your Perspective.

The Economist digital broadens your outlook on the world’s most important development with incisive coverage.

3. Exclusive Extras.

The Economist digital allows you to gain more live virtual events, newsletters, digital archives, 1843 magazines, and narrated stories. You can get past editions from 1997 till date. 

4. Listen Hand Free.

You can easily fit the digital version of the Economist into your weekly schedule; you can multitask their professionally narrated stories and their podcast.

What Does The Economist Digital Subscription Include?

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  • Waterproof (IPX8) so you can read in the bath or by the pool. Your Kindle has been tested to withstand accidental immersion in water.
  • Thin and light ergonomic design with page turn buttons.

An Economist digital subscription includes complete access to various features and digital content. The contents include; 

  • Audio publications of The Economist, mainly the weekly edition.
  • The & The Economist app features daily and weekly journalism.
  • Subscribers exclusive digital events and newsletters.
  • The world in brief on the app.
  • The Economist archive features over 20 years of back issues. 
  • Every podcast.
  • Special reports that include the world ahead.
  • Gifting articles to family and friends. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

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1. How Do I Access My Economist Digital Edition? 

You can access all the latest award-winning content via The Economist app, which you can get on To log into the app, search for Economist on Play Store or Apple apps store and download the app immediately. 

After downloading the app, enter your valid email address and the password you used when you subscribed to the Economist. 

2. Can I Subscribe To The Economist On My Kindle?

Amazon has decided to stop the sales of Kindle newspapers & magazines subscriptions and Kindle single issues on any Amazon newsstand. From the 6th of March 2023, Amazon ceased selling news subscriptions via the new stand.

If you’re an existing customer with subscriptions, you will continue to be charged and will continue to receive weekly editions that will run up until September 2023. 

3. Can I Add My Present Economist Subscription To My Newly Purchased Kindle?

Most Kindle e-readers have no Apps, and their built-in browser is relatively primitive. Because of formatting problems, many magazine subscriptions do not work. 

Inspect the product page for the subscription and see if your new Kindle device is compatible.

If it is compatible, ask the Economist if you can acquire it without subscribing again on Amazon. 

4. What Is The Economist Kindle And Digital For?

They are strictly for personal use only, not for commercial use. It means you can display and purchase Economist content from the site of your mobile device or your computer screen.

You can print personal pages on paper, but you can’t photocopy them. Also, you can use the Economist digital applications on your devices, which should not be more than five different devices.

Final Thoughts. 

Hopefully, this article has enlightened you on all you need to know about Economist Kindle Vs. Digital. Before subscribing to The Economist, consider the Kindle version or the digital version, which will be the best option for you.

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