Kindle Scribe vs. ReMarkable 2: A Comprehensive Comparison of Two Leading E-Readers

BookSummaryClub Blog Kindle Scribe vs. ReMarkable 2: A Comprehensive Comparison of Two Leading E-Readers

The simple yet cutting-edge e-readers have an undeniable allure in this evolving digital age where displays seem to rule human lives. With a library’s load of books available at our fingertips, these gadgets have entirely changed how we read books, from text on paper to electronic devices. 

Two strong competitors have emerged from the numerous brands of e-readers available on the market, and they are the Kindle Scribe and ReMarkable 2. The Kindle Scribe vs. Remarkable 2 is the pinnacle of modern technology created just for book enthusiasts, and we’ll be comparing them in this post.

Both devices provide readers with unmatched reading experiences, luring bookworms to explore the world of digital books with effortless style. But which of the e-reader devices prevails in this intense rivalry?  We’ll compare these two top e-readers in-depth by examining their features, functionality, and overall user experiences to help you decide which is better.

So, hop in with us on a fascinating voyage through the world of e-readers as we examine the advantages, disadvantages, and distinguishing features of the Kindle Scribe and ReMarkable 2. We’ll delve deeply into the specifics to help you make an informed choice. 

The Overview of Amazon Kindle Scribe 

Amazon Kindle Scribe (16 GB) - 10.2” 300 ppi Paperwhite display, a Kindle and a notebook all in one, convert notes to text and share, includes Basic Pen
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Amazon Kindle Scribe (16 GB) – 10.2” 300 ppi Paperwhite display, a Kindle and a notebook all in one, convert notes to text and share, includes Basic Pen
  • THE ONLY KINDLE WITH A DIGITAL NOTEBOOK AND PEN – Read and write down thoughts in books or a separate notebook, distraction free. Selected one of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2023.
  • EXPLORE KINDLE NOTEBOOKS – A digital notebook you can write on. Journal, sketch, take notes, and more.
  • CONVERT HANDWRITTEN NOTES TO TEXT – View or share your notes with contacts and browse notes on the go through the Kindle app.
  • READ AND WRITE AS NATURALLY AS YOU DO ON PAPER – The world’s first 10.2″ 300 ppi glare-free, front-lit display.
  • TAKE HANDWRITTEN NOTES AS YOU READ – Write notes within millions of titles in the Kindle Store.
  • IMPORT AND MARK UP DOCUMENTS – Review and take notes directly on PDFs, or create sticky notes in Microsoft Word.
  • THE LONGEST BATTERY LIFE OF ANY KINDLE – Unlike tablets, Kindle Scribe offers months of reading and weeks of writing on a single charge.

Amazon Kindle Scribe is a game-changing innovative device transforming how we read and enjoy our literary materials. This fantastic device skillfully combines the timeless appeal of reading with a leading-edge digital-age technological advancement tool.

Also, the Kindle Scribe device is an exceptional literary companion that captures readers’ attention and takes their reading experience to new dimensions. One of the most notable features of Kindle Scribe is its note-taking feature, which lets you scribble and draw straight on the screen using an advanced premium pen. 

All of your devices automatically sync your notes. The go-to gadget for deep reading experiences is the Kindle Scribe, which has a sizable library, built-in Wi-Fi, and cloud storage. 

Features and Specifications of Amazon Kindle Scribe

The Amazon Kindle Scribe is one of the best hybrid e-readers and notebooks in the market today. It allows readers to read ebooks, write, and annotate documents and PDFs. The following are some of the key features that make Kindle Scribe one of the best readers you can think of:

E-Ink Display 

Kindle devices feature an electronic ink (E-Ink) display, which mimics the appearance of ink on paper and provides avid readers with a glare-free reading experience, even in bright sunlight. This display technology helps reduce eye strain compared to traditional LCD screens.


The Kindle Scribe can be used as a notebook for taking notes, jotting ideas, and sketching. It supports various pen types, including the included Basic Pen and the optional Premium Pen.

Export notes 

You can export your notes and annotations as PDFs, which can be shared with others or saved for later reference.

Audiobook Support

The Kindle Scribe supports audible audiobooks, thereby allowing readers who use the device to switch between reading and, at the same time, listening to books.

Lasso tool

The lasso tool is a new feature on the Kindle Scribe that allows you to select text or images and move them around the page. To use the lasso tool, touch and hold the screen with the pen, then drag the cell to create a lasso around the text or image you want to select.

Formats Supported 

Compatible with various eBook formats, such as Kindle (AZW, AZW3), TXT, PDF, MOBI, and others.

Adjustable Fonts and Text Sizes 

Kindle Scribe features customizable fonts and text sizes to suit individual preferences and improve readability.

Battery life

The Kindle Scribe has a battery life of up to 12 weeks, based on 30 minutes of reading per day, with wireless connectivity disabled and the light set to 13. This is similar to the battery life of other Kindles, such as the Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Paperwhite signature edition, etc. In practice, the battery life of the Kindle Scribe will vary depending on how you use it and what you use it for.


The Kindle Scribe can be used to annotate books, documents, and PDFs. You can highlight text, add notes, and even draw on the screen.

Bird’s eye view 

The bird’s eye view feature lets you see an entire notebook page simultaneously, which helps you find specific notes or annotations.


The Kindle Scribe can be used to organize your notes and documents. You can create folders, subfolders, and tags to keep everything neatly arranged.

Pros Of Kindle Scribe

Kindle Scribe pros include the following:

  • Digital note-taking 
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Extensive ebook library 
  • Large, high-resolution screen 
  • Export note 
  • Long battery life 
  • Built-in pen

Cons Of Kindle Scribe

Amidst the numerous benefits that Kindle Scriber Users enjoy, here are some of the drawbacks they also experience below:

  • Monochrome display 
  • Reliance on Amazon Ecosystem 
  • Limited functionality compared to other Kindle devices 
  • Limited file formats 
  • Pricey when compared to other Kindle products

Overview of ReMarkable 2

Remarkable 2 Case, 10.3 inch Digital Paper Cover Case (2020 Released), Slim Lightweight Book Folios Cover for Tablet with Pen Holder/Hand Strap/Elastic Strap/Multi-Viewing Angles (Gray)
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Remarkable 2 Case, 10.3 inch Digital Paper Cover Case (2020 Released), Slim Lightweight Book Folios Cover for Tablet with Pen Holder/Hand Strap/Elastic Strap/Multi-Viewing Angles (Gray)
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  • ✅【DESIGNED FOR FULL PROTECTION】 Made of Premium PU leather exterior and soft microfiber interior holder effectively protect your reMarkable 2 digital paper tablet from any unwanted scratches, scuffs, and any other hard objects. Pen holder can hold your reMarkable marker in place tightly to avoid falling out while walking. (S Pen is NOT included)
  • ✅【UNIQUE DESIGN】Hand strap makes reMarkable 2 paper tablet 10.3 inch case easy to carry around and makes it possible for you to hold the tablet with one hand. Don’t worry about the tablet falling when reading. Strong elastic strap securely fasten the front cover either open or closed.
  • ✅【Adjustable Angles】This reMarkable 2 10.3 inch paper tablet case 2020 released allows you to adjust the tablet to multiple angles securely to create a stand for reading, viewing, typing, free your hands for other entertainments.
  • ✅【SATISFACTION D】We want you to love your FennSuin case. That’s why we offer free 60 day returns and , Why not try us, when we are more favorable and more affordable
  • Compatible phone models: Remarkable 2 10.3 inches

ReMarkable 2 is a company that produces digital paper tablets and is mostly known for its main item, which is the  “ReMarkable 2 tablet.” A digital note-taking and sketching experience on the reMarkable tablet is intended to closely resemble writing and drawing on paper. It has a responsiveness and texture similar to paper because it combines an E-Ink display and a pressure-sensitive stylus.

Features and Specifications Of ReMarkable 2 

ReMarkable 2 has features and specifications that attract avid readers and give them a thrilling reading experience. Take a look at some of the features below:


The ReMarkable 2 tablet features a high-resolution E-ink display, which provides a surface similar to paper. This display technology offers excellent visibility in various lighting conditions, including direct sunlight, without causing eye strain.

Writing and Drawing Experience 

The display and stylus provide a responsive and natural writing and drawing experience. The stylus has pressure sensitivity, allowing for varied line thickness and shading, making it suitable for artists, designers, and note-takers.

Annotation and PDF Support 

ReMarkable 2 device features annotation and PDF support that makes it suitable for annotating, marking up, and taking notes on digital copies of documents.

Note Taking 

Users can take notes, annotate documents, and write directly on PDFs and e-books using the ReMarkable tablet. The device allows for easy organization and searching of handwritten notes and documents.


The ReMarkable 2 tablet offers Wi-Fi and cloud connectivity, enabling users to synchronize their notes and documents across devices. It also supports file formats such as PDF and ePUB, making it versatile for importing and exporting content.

Battery Life 

The tablet’s battery life is designed to last several days with typical usage. This extended battery life ensures users can rely on the device without frequent recharging.

File Management 

The ReMarkable 2 tablet provides a user-friendly interface for managing files, creating folders, and organizing content. This feature enables users to navigate and find their documents and notes easily.

Software Updates 

ReMarkable regularly releases software updates for the tablet, introducing new features and improving the overall user experience. These updates often address user feedback and introduce device functionality enhancements.

Third-Party Integrations 

The ReMarkable tablet offers integrations with various cloud storage services, such as Dropbox, allowing users to access their documents and sync files seamlessly.

Cloud Sync and Storage 

Your notes and documents can be synchronized across multiple devices via the ReMarkable Cloud service, ensuring you can access your work from various devices.

Handwriting Recognition 

ReMarkable 2 device features some handwriting recognition capabilities that may be available, allowing you to convert your handwritten notes into editable text.

Remarkable 2 Pros 

  • Paper-like writing experience 
  • Thin and lightweight design 
  • Long battery life 
  • Annotation and organization features 
  • Third-party integration 
  • User-friendly interface for file management

ReMarkable 2 Cons 

  • Limited app ecosystem 
  • Lack of color display 
  • Limited cloud integration 
  • It’s pretty expensive to purchase

Key Difference Between Amazon Kindle Scribe and ReMarkable 2

An open empty notebook on a white desk next to an iPhone and a MacBook

Amazon Kindle Scribe and ReMarkable 2 are two devices that are highly recommended when you’re looking for leading brands for e-readers, but they have some unique differences. Below are their notable differences:

The Amazon Kindle Scribe features a 10.3-inch E Ink Carta display with 167 PPI, while the ReMarkable 2 features a 13.3-inch e-ink Carta display with 226 PPI. The Kindle Scribe has a slightly smaller display, but it has a higher PPI, which means that the text and images will appear sharper. The Remarkable 2 has a larger display, which can be better for taking notes or drawing. 

The Amazon Kindle Scribe supports reading ebooks, taking notes, annotating PDFs, and drawing, while ReMarkable 2 supports reading ebooks, taking notes, annotating PDFs, drawing, and converting handwritten notes to text.

The Kindle Scribe is a more versatile device, as it can also be used for reading ebooks. However, Remarkable 2 has additional features explicitly designed for note-taking, the ability to convert handwritten notes to text.

The Scribe’s cheapest model, which costs around $339.99, comes with the Basic Pen and 16GB of storage. For an additional $30, you can acquire the Premium Pen, which comes standard with the 32GB ($389.99) and 64GB ($419.99) capabilities and gives you access to a few more writing tools.

However, the ReMarkable 2 ($499.99) shines at its primary purpose, which is capturing digital notes. On this large-screen e-reader/tablet, annotating PDF files is simple thanks to the low-latency technology e-ink writing experience and inconspicuous interface.

The Kindle Scribe is slightly cheaper than the Remarkable 2. However, the Remarkable 2 comes with a stylus, while the Kindle Scribe does not.

The Kindle Scribe has a battery life of up to 10 weeks, while the Remarkable 2 has a battery life of up to 2 weeks. The Kindle Scribe weighs 410 grams, while the Remarkable 2 weighs 360 grams. The Kindle Scribe supports Bluetooth as means of connectivity, while the Remarkable 2 does not.

The Kindle Scribe has a longer battery life and is slightly lighter than the Remarkable 2. However, the Remarkable 2 supports Bluetooth, which can help transfer users and use the device with other apps.

Kindle Scribe and Remarkable 2: Which Is Better?

three women sitting at a table with a laptop

The best device for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. If you are looking for a versatile device that can be used for reading ebooks, taking notes, and annotating PDFs, then the Kindle Scribe is a good option. 

If you want a device specifically designed for note-taking and drawing, then the Remarkable 2 is a good option. Ultimately, the best way to decide which device is better for you is to try them out and see which one you prefer.

Final Thought On Kindle Scribe Vs. Remarkable 2

Amazon Kindle Scribe and Remarkable 2 are exceptional e-reader devices with unique features. So, if you’re looking for e-readers with the best reading experience Kindle Scribe vs. Remarkable 2 are there to choose from. 

We’ve taken our time to compare their unique features to enable you to choose the one that meets your preference. Try them out and decide which is better using the information provided above.

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