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Are you a die-hard manga fan? Are you looking for a seamless manga reading experience? Are you finding it hard to discover good manga sites and apps that you can use to read your favorite manga? If your answer is yes, then you’re at the right place. This article brings to your screen the best manga reader sites and apps to feed your needs.

Manga are Japanese comic books that have intriguing storylines and vivid artwork. Over the years, Manga and light novels have gained massive popularity because it’s easy for anyone to get hooked. 

However, with the launch of various manga websites and apps, you can now read manga online easily. So, whether in a noisy park or the comfort of your home, you can now enjoy the wonderful experience of accessing legal sites and apps to read your favorite manga.

Note – there are no websites and manga apps that allow you to read free manga legally, although there are sites that let you check out a few chapters or series for free, but no site or app allows you to read any complete series without paying. We have compiled some of the best manga reader sites and manga apps for Android and other mobile devices.

Best Manga Reader Apps And Sites To Feed Your Need

Below is a list of good manga websites and apps to check out;

1. Renta.

Renta is a manga reader site with a vast range of light novels, manga, reading materials, and comics; it is a great place to read romance manga. This site comes with enough customization options and offers an intuitive interface. 

The Renta has a unique feature called “Renta Points”. Renta Points allows readers to earn points by buying light novels or renting manga and offers discounts on Renta Points bundles. 

You can use these points to get discounts on rentals or purchases in the future. Additionally, Renta provides an online rental service that allows avid manga readers to rent numerous manga series and light novels for a fixed time;  this offer is perfect for readers who do not want to commit to purchasing a series. 

2. Viz Manga.

This manga site has the broadest digital library and different genres, with the reader’s favorite series like Dragon Ball, Naruto, Jujutsu Kaisen, Death Note, and many more. 

With the Viz Manga advanced manga reader app, you can watch all your favorite series. This app allows readers to enjoy captivating 2-page spreads in landscape mode.

Additionally, this online manga platform has a feature that lets you pick up from where you left off, can download manga for offline reading, and offers dark and light reading modes. 

This app enables you to read previews of premium series for free. The Viz Manga app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Also, brand-new series and chapters of manga are added regularly.

3. Shonen Jump Manga And Comics.

It is one of the most well-reviewed and most comprehensive apps on record. With this app, you can get access to the whole manga universe. 

Shonen Jump manga and comics has the finest collection of the most famous manga with tons of new materials. You can find exciting mangas like One Piece, Demon Slayer, Chainsaw Man, etc., on this app. 

This app is also compatible with your Android and IOS devices. As an avid manga reader, you can delight yourself in a broad range of manga series featuring all your favorite artists and creators. This app works with lightning-fast efficiency and offers the most satisfying user experience.

This benefit comes with a price; Shonen jump manga, and comics allow readers to access the digital vault that contains over 15,000+ manga that cost $2.99 per month. There’s no way you’ll get bored with this app because it has different and exciting Shonen jump titles to read.

4. comiXology.

ComiXology is a digital comic book retailer that is cloud-based. It offers over 75,000 comics from popular companies like DC, Marvel, BOOM, Image, etc. It is considered the best manga reader app for casual manga fans and fans of Western comics. 

This digital comic book allows readers to read their favorite manga on various platforms, including Android and iOS applications, desktop web browsers, and Amazon Kindle.

Its collection has thousands of manga that include free comics from over 70 publishers like Dark Horse, Dynamite, Lion Forge, indie authors, Valiant, and artists. Both digital copies and their print counterparts are released on the same day. 

ComiXology has a search tool to help readers identify specific artists and titles; readers can also utilize its menu to explore new entries by genre, creator, story arc, publisher, etc.

5. Book Walker.

Book Walker is your one-stop shop for official and legal digital comics; it is a worldwide eBook store for light novels and manga. Book Walker has notable titles like -No Game, No Life, Attack on Titan, etc. 

The storefront divides everything into various categories like award-winning tags, new releases, recent serialized chapters of manga, and series that are adapted into anime. 

This site offers various titles monthly, but there’s more paid content than free. You can download the app on your mobile devices, or you can visit the website via your web browser.

Furthermore, you can earn coins on Book Walker to make purchases in the future. They also have a membership ranking determined by how much you spend on the site; the higher your order, the higher the number of coins you earn per purchase. This site also provides free titles that you can read in eBook format.

6. Manga Owl.

This site has over 100 manga to browse through, so you’ll likely find any niche series you choose. Manga Owl has a vast collection for fans of romance manga; you’ll find top-rated series like One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball. 

This website also has adult-oriented manga, an active community, and many manga to keep you busy. Registration on this site allows you to participate in discussions and create collections of all your favorite manga.

7. KissManga.

It is popularly known as one of the best sources of free digital mangas with thousands of available contents. On KissManga, you can see trending or popular series that others are reading; if you have any specific manga you’re hoping to read, search for it on this site, and you’re sure to see it.

Every manga series on this site has summarized pieces of information on it. Also, you can read a chapter on one page, so there’s no need to refresh the page constantly. The scans on KissManga are of high quality; many manga series on this site have English translations.

8. Crunchyroll Manga.

While most anime and manga fans know Crunchyroll as the most visited manga site offering streaming options, some fans may not know that it is an online print subsidiary that offers avid readers an abundance of their favorite comics. 

The subscription-based app offers over 900 manga titles and costs $4.99 per month; this app also provides preview chapters to entice first-time visitors for free.

As a premium customer, you get instant access to the Crunchyroll manga library and “Koma View.” Koma View is a feature that makes the panels very large so readers can view every artistic detail up close. 

Additionally, avid readers of mangas can gain quick access to the latest mangas; this offer appeals to every manga fan who does not have the patience to wait for the newest publication to get overseas.

9. Manga Dogs.

Manga Dogs is one of the best apps for reading and downloading manga comics. It has a highly intuitive approach that tailors users’ tastes by providing precise recommendations from over 15 manga sources and also keeps tabs on users’ reading history.

If you want an AI to search for manga options, Manga Dogs is your best go-to. Aside from its vast library of leading titles and AI abilities, Manga Dogs can also sync data across all your devices, offering nighttime mode and a 2-way viewer that allows readers to read both vertically and horizontally. This app provides a one-year subscription plan that costs $5.99.

10. Tachiyomi.

It is a free and open-source manga reader for Android devices. It has an online community that curates a vast array of engaging manga titles with various updates added daily. Tachiyomi’s UI is fast, has offline and online reading options, is super easy to use, and pulls mangas from over 1000 sources.

Tachiyomis configurable multimode reader can personalized with border filters and color.

On A Final Note;

Of course, not all manga reader sites and apps boast the same quality; some have better prices, navigability, user interfaces, features, and selections. Hopefully, there’s something for everyone’s budget and lifestyle. Browse through the list to discover the app or site that suits you.

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