Kindle Oasis Vs. Paperwhite: Which E-reader is Right For You

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Are you an avid ebook reader who desires to know the latest e-readers available on the web, their exclusive features, specifications, and what is in them for your maximum reading experience? Come with us as we’ll review two of the best e-readers that top the chart by Amazon Kindle. 

Amazon Kindle has been at the forefront of satisfying the needs of their users with their top-notch Kindle lineup devices, and the best and most popular versions, the Kindle Oasis and Kindle Paperwhite, will be on our lips all through this.

I know by now you have questions like Kindle Oasis vs. Kindle Paperwhite; which e-reader is better for me? What are their specifications? Etc. Both devices provide excellent reading experiences and have unique features, key differences, pros, and cons that appeal to various tastes and needs. 

Your unique needs and choices will ultimately determine which Kindle model you select between the Kindle Oasis vs. Kindle Paperwhite. To help you decide which e-reader is the best for you, we’ll compare the Kindle Oasis vs. Paperwhite models as we proceed in this post.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

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The Amazon Kindle Oasis should be the first reader device to come to your mind as an avid reader if you want a comfortable reading experience. It’s one of the best Kindle devices that has more features when compared to the Kindle Paperwhite signature edition, standard Kindle, latest Paperwhite model, etc. 

Amazon Kindle Oasis has actual physical turn pages buttons, an adjustable warm light for comfy reading, and a high-quality bigger and brighter screen. The Oasis is ideal for reading while on the go because it is portable, waterproof, and has a long battery life. 

Amazon Kindle Oasis also offers readers access to the incredible Kindle e-book store and enables various e-book formats. Despite being more expensive than other Kindle versions, the Oasis provides a luxury reading experience because of its svelte form and high-end functionality.

It’s worth noting that the Amazon Kindle Oasis also provides users with a premium reading experience using its high-quality display screen, ergonomic design, and more features tailored for those who enjoy reading ebooks.

Features and Specifications of Kindle Oasis

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Amazon Kindle Oasis has so many unique features and specifications, and below are a few of them:

  • Design and Display 

The Kindle Oasis has a sleek and ergonomic design which is one of the things that made it unique and famous. It has an asymmetrical form, with the device’s battery and physical page-turning buttons located on the thicker side. Long reading hours are made more comfortable by this design.

The Kindle Oasis features A 7-inch E Ink display with a 300 pixels per inch (PPI) resolution. Reading is made enjoyable by the clear text and vivid visuals on this high-resolution display. It features an adjustable front light built right in.

  • Water Resistance 

The Kindle Oasis’ water resistance is one of its best features. With an IPX8 rating, the gadget can endure immersion in freshwater for up to 60 minutes at a depth of up to 2 meters. This means you can visit the beach with the device to read without fear of it getting wet accidentally at the beach, in the bathtub, or by the pool.

  • Storage and Connectivity

The Kindle Oasis can comfortably fit in your digital library because it has a vast storage space. There are two different sizes available, which are 8 GB and 32 GB. The 32 GB version is perfect for customers with a sizable collection of e-books or who want to keep audiobooks, while the 8 GB version can accommodate thousands of volumes. 

You can access your Kindle Oasis device by using wifi or cellular connectivity. You can always make your choice of connectivity.

  • Battery Life 

With the Kindle Oasis’ long-lasting battery, you can read for weeks without a recharge. The gadget has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged with the provided USB C. The Oasis’ thicker side is a battery cover and generally increases battery life.

  • Software and Features 

Kindle is the software operating system that powers the Kindle Oasis from Amazon, and it offers an intuitive user experience and seamless connectivity with the Kindle ecosystem. It has features like Whispersync, which allows you to smoothly switch from reading on your Kindle Oasis, mobile device, or tablet by syncing your reading expansion, bookmarks, and notes across devices.

  • Accessibility 

The Kindle Oasis is appropriate for those with visual impairments thanks to its numerous accessibility features, which include changeable font sizes, font styles, and line spacing. Furthermore, it supports VoiceView, a screen reader for people with vision impairments, and screen enlargement.

Amazon Oasis Pricing 

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The Amazon Oasis price happens to be the most expensive among all the Kindle lineups. It’s sold for $250 and holds between 3000 to 6,000 ebooks. This is at the time of writing this article. So, you can always visit their website to know what the prices have.

Kindle Oasis Pros 

  • High-resolution display 
  • Thin and lightweight 
  • Ergonomic design
  • Waterproof design 
  • Adjustable warm light 
  • Long battery life 
  • It can be recharged using USB C charging
  • Fast connection 
  • It can be used without wifi connection 
  • Presence of the blue light filter

Kindle Oasis  

  • Limited color options 
  • No headphone jack 
  • No bundled power adapter 
  • Limited storage 
  • High price

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 

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The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is an outstanding e-reader that provides ebook lovers with a great reading experience. It has gained popularity among avid readers worldwide because of its sophisticated features and stylish design.

The Kindle Paperwhite’s high-resolution display, which offers a seamless reading experience, is one of its most notable features. Long reading sessions are made possible by the device’s usage of e-ink technology, which reproduces the appearance of ink on paper.

Additionally, the screen is backlit, enabling you to read easily in any environment, including intense sunlight or a poorly lit room. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite or Paperwhite signature edition electronic reader is exceptionally lightweight, thin, and adaptable, making it simple to handle and move around.

Kindle Paperwhite Features and Specification 

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The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has some outstanding features and specs that make it well-loved by users across the globe, and some of them are as follows: 

  • Display

The Kindle Paperwhite features a high-resolution e-ink display with a backlight. It also offers a 6-inch touchscreen that provides excellent readability even in bright sunlight.

  • Resolution

The display’s resolution is typically 300 pixels per inch (PPI). This high pixel density ensures crisp and clear text.

  • Built-in Light 

The Paperwhite comes with an adjustable front light that allows you to read comfortably in various lighting conditions, including both dim and bright.

  • Waterproof Design 

The Kindle Paperwhite (starting with the 2018 version) is designed to be waterproof with an IPX8 rating. This means it can withstand being dipped in water up to a certain depth for up to 60 minutes, making it suitable for reading near water or in the bath.

The Kindle Paperwhite usually offers multiple storage options, such as 8 GB and 32 GB. This allows you to store thousands of e-books on your device.

Audible Integration 

The Paperwhite (specifically the later versions) often includes Audible integration, allowing you to pair it with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to listen to audiobooks.

Battery Life 

The battery life of the Kindle Paperwhite can last for weeks, depending on usage. Amazon typically advertises weeks of battery life with regular reading (e.g., 30 minutes per day) and the wireless connection turned off.


The Paperwhite generally offers both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity options, depending on the Kindle model you choose. With a Wi-Fi connection, you can easily download books from the Kindle store, access cloud storage, and sync your reading progress across devices.

Kindle Paperwhite  

  • Adjustable font sizes and settings 
  • High-resolution display
  • Long battery life 
  • Adjustable backlight
  • Whispersync and cloud storage 
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Extensive ebook library 

Kindle Paperwhite Cons

  • Lack of page-turn buttons 
  • Limited interactivity 
  • Limited format support 
  • No color support 

Kindle Paperwhite Pricing 

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite price is currently $139, which, compared to the Kindle Oasis, is almost half the price. The  Kindle Paperwhite holds around 3100 to 5000 ebooks. This includes a Kindle Paperwhite signature edition. It also includes audible audiobooks.

Big Difference Between Between Kindle Oasis and Kindle  Paperwhite

Kindle e-book reader on gray flip cover case

The Kindle Oasis and Kindle Paperwhite are both popular e-readers from Amazon, but they have some key differences in terms of features and design and so on.

With a symmetrical form and more upscale style, the Kindle Oasis integrates physical page-turn buttons on its thicker side. In comparison to the Kindle Paperwhite, it also happens to be slighter and lightweight. The Paperwhite has a touchscreen interface and a more established rectangular.

With an IPX8 rating, the Kindle Oasis is water-resistant and can withstand immersion in freshwater for up to 60 minutes at a depth of up to 2 meters. 

The Kindle Oasis is suitable for reading near water or in damp conditions because it has  IPX8 grade and is waterproof (as of the 2018 model). This feature is not only for the Kindle Oasis. This can serve as a similarity between the two e-readers.

The Kindle Oasis also has an adjustable warm light feature that lets you switch the screen’s color temperature from chilly white to warm amber. This might lessen the strain on your eyes when reading in dim light. This feature is unavailable on the Kindle Paperwhite, which only has traditional white.

Compared to the Kindle Oasis, the Kindle Paperwhite typically offers readers a longer battery life. The Paperwhite appears to have a minor advantage over the Kindle Oasis because of its smaller display screen and less weight, even though both devices may last up to six weeks or more on a single.

You can store additional books, graphic novels, or audible audiobooks on the Kindle Oasis thanks to its two storage options, which are 8GB and 32 GB. There are 32GB and 8GB types of Kindle Paperwhite and those with cellular connectivity.

Compared to the Kindle Paperwhite, the Kindle Oasis is the more expensive model. The Paperwhite balances functionality and price, while the Oasis is positioned as Amazon’s top-of-the-line e-reader.

Kindle Oasis Vs. Kindle Paperwhite: Which E-reader Is Better?

Both the Kindle Oasis and the Kindle Paperwhite provide fantastic reading experiences, but some significant variations between them may likely impact yours.

Amazon Kindle Oasis is the best e-reader with a bigger and brighter screen display and a modern, aluminum-backed appearance. The 7-inch screen offers a crisp and sharp background, and the warm light is adjustable to make reading cozy in various lighting conditions.

Furthermore, the latest Paperwhite model has a flush-front structure, which implies the screen is completely blended into the device’s body and has no protruding corners. It is an excellent choice for long reading sessions because it is portable and comfy. 

The best choice between the Kindle Oasis and the Kindle Paperwhite ultimately depends on your tastes and financial capacity. The Oasis may be a better choice if you value premium features, bigger screen sizes, and physical page turn buttons. 

However, if you’re looking for a less pricey e-reader, the Paperwhite is a great option. It is a dependable e-reader with a small form factor.

Final Thoughts

Finally, choosing between Amazon Oasis vs. Amazon Paperwhite may seem to be a little bit difficult. In terms of high-end features and specifications, Amazon Oasis is taking the lead. At the same time, Amazon Paperwhite should be your go-to if you’re looking for an affordable e-reader that has unique features which allow you to have a cozy reading experience. 

It’s almost half the price of Amazon Oasis and has physical page-turn buttons. It’s worth noting that Oasis boasts high-end features and free cloud storage, and that is one of the reasons for its high price.

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