Blinkist vs Mentorist: Which One Is Right For You?

BookSummaryClub Blog Blinkist vs Mentorist: Which One Is Right For You?

If you’re looking for a convenient and comprehensive reading solution, Blinkist vs. Mentorist is your debate. With ever-growing lists of digital and paper resources at our fingertips, choosing the best ones can be overwhelming.

We all want to get smarter and stay informed, so selecting the right service type is important to fit how we prefer to learn. Here, we’ll explore two popular options: Blinkist and Mentorist—how they compare content selection, ease of use, pricing options, learning styles offered, and more!

Ultimately we seek to answer the question, “which one should I choose?”.

Shall we?

Blinkist Overview

Blinkist is a revolutionary new service designed to give busy people easy access to the key insights of some of the world’s most popular non-fiction books. With Blinkist, users can read, watch or listen to content using their phone or computer.

The app offers thousands of summaries on topics ranging from health and wellness to business and personal development. Each summary is written in bite-sized chunks and covers the main takeaways so readers can understand what each book offers.

Users can also save their favorite book summaries for later viewing and create personalized reading lists around their interests. For anyone looking for education on the go, Blinkist is an invaluable tool that should be noticed.

Blinkist Features:

• Over 3000 summaries of non-fiction books

• Audio versions available for most summaries

• Read, watch, or listen to content

• Create personalized reading lists

• Save favorite book summaries for later viewing

Mentors Overview:

The Mentorist Book app is a must-have for lovers of literature! This innovative reading platform allows users to connect with their favorite authors and get an inside look into book cultures like never before.

With the Mentorist Book app, avid readers can access the works of some of their favorite authors and participate in exclusive content not available anywhere else. This app has everything from author interviews to exclusive articles and podcasts.

Users can even talk directly with the authors via a mentor chat system to gain valuable insights into various literary topics.

With the Mentorist Book app, readers can explore new literary worlds and engage in meaningful conversations about classic and contemporary works of fiction.

Mentorist Features:

• Access the works of favorite authors

• Exclusive content not available anywhere else

• Take part in author interviews, podcasts, and articles

• Talk directly with authors via the mentor chat system

• Explore new literary worlds and engage in meaningful conversations about classic & contemporary works of fiction

A Comparison Between Blinkist vs. Mentorist

When it comes to reading resources, Blinkist and Mentorist both offer plenty of options for busy people. However, Blinkist stands out regarding convenience, accessibility, and affordability.

Unlike Mentorist’s exclusive content offerings, Blinkist provides thousands of book summaries that can be read on the go. The Blinkist app allows users to save their favorite book summaries for later use and create personalized reading lists.

Additionally, Blinkist is affordable compared to Mentorist’s subscription-based pricing model. The basic plan for Blinkist is just $14.99 per month with unlimited access to all content, whereas Mentorist is $12-$49 for the same amount of content.

Finally, Blinkist offers a variety of learning styles that are suitable for different kinds of learners. Whether users prefer reading, listening, or watching summaries, Blinkist has something for everyone.

Blinkist is an ideal service for busy people who want to stay up-to-date on the latest non-fiction books without committing much time. With easy access to key insights, personalized reading lists, and affordable pricing, Blinkist is the superior choice for avid readers and casual learners alike.

Convenience & AccessibilityEasily accessible and affordable contentExclusive content offerings.
Content OfferingOver 3000 summaries of non-fiction books with audio versions available for most summariesAccess to favorite authors’ works, exclusive content not available anywhere else, take part in author interviews, podcasts and articles.
Personalization Options Create personalized reading lists, save favorite book summaries for later viewing.Talk directly with authors via mentor chat system, explore new literary worlds and engage in meaningful conversations about classic & contemporary works of fiction
Cost $14.99 per month with unlimited access $12-$49 per month for the same amount of content 

Final Thoughts

Both Blinkist and Mentorist provide a unique service that can be used to enhance your life. Choosing between one or another will depend on the specific areas of your life you are looking to focus on first. 

Blinkist is an excellent resource for busy entrepreneurs with little time to read books. On the other hand, Mentorist provides skills-based courses that allow users to learn new skills quickly and effectively. 

While both services have advantages and disadvantages, subscribing to either can still be worthwhile for those wanting a curated reading experience. If you are looking for quick, focused reads that won’t break the bank, then Blinkist could be the right choice. 

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